Unlimited Data.

Endless Entertainment


        • Prepaid
        • Unlimited
        • Daily

      Rs 21

      VAT incl.

      Unlimited Data

      Unlimited SMS

      Unlimited Emtel Calls

      +15 mins to other operators

      To activate, SMS to 8284:
      SUB 21 or

      “Pack available on automatic renewal”

        • Prepaid
        • Unlimited
        • Weekly

      Rs 101

      VAT incl.

      4GB Unlimited Data / day
      60 Local Mins

      To activate, SMS to 8284:
      SUB 101 or

      “Pack available on automatic renewal”

        • Prepaid
        • Unlimited
        • Monthly

      Rs 371

      VAT incl.

      6GB Unlimited Data / day
      120 Local Mins

      To activate, SMS to 8284: SUB 371 or

      “Pack available on automatic renewal”

        • Prepaid
        • Unlimited
        • 90 days pack

      Rs 941

      VAT incl.

      10GB Unlimited Data / day
      240 Local Mins

      To activate, SMS to 8284:
      SUB 941 or

      “Pack available on automatic renewal”

Good to Know

Fair Usage Policy (FUP): Upon consumption of the Data Volume allocated and the validity of the package being still active, customers can continue to access Internet at a lower speed. Customers at this stage will be able to get access to internet at speeds Up to 256Kbps for download and upload.

Customers can browse with high speed internet even more. Example for illimité Monthly 5GB, a customer will receive 5 GB and capping will be applied once this limit (5GB) has been reached.

  • Activation
  • *Auto-renewal
  • Free Facebook
  • Cashback
Internet settings configuration Terms & Conditions

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Mobile Internet Prepaid Unlimited

Terms & Conditions

    Below are the Special Terms and Conditions applicable to the above Mobile internet packs. These Special Terms and Conditions shall be read together with the General Terms and Conditions of the services.

    • The mobile internet packages cannot be used while roaming.
    • When the limited volume package is expired and the customer does not have any other active package in his mobile number, any additional mobile data usage will be billed as PAYG tariff, i.e. Rs 0.20/MB (excl. VAT)
    • SMS to 8284 for package activation is free of charge.
    • Mobile internet packs are Mobile customers ONLY.

Mobile Internet Prepaid Unlimited

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