We Care 

Our commitment to the society and the environment

Our Sustainability Commitment

Through leadership, staff involvement and effective management, we shall:

  • Manage our operations in a sustainable manner for the wellbeing of future generations.
  • Consider sustainability aspects as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.
  • Recognize the global sustainability challenges and diligently honor our responsibility to contribute to the solutions.
  • Engage and support our customers’, employees’, partners’, the community’s and our stakeholders’ sustainability initiatives, and
  • Continually monitor, improve and report our sustainability performance openly and voluntarily.

Emtel Ltd works in close collaboration with the Currimjee Foundation.

E-Waste Recycling Project | Environmental ProjectsCorporate Social ResponsibilitySustainable Operations

E-Waste Recycling Project

  • The Project
  • The Objective

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why recycle?
  • Who can use the collection bins?
  • What can be disposed in our collection bins?
  • Where to drop your e-wastes?
  • Do I get any reward for dropping my e-wastes in the collection bins?
  • How does it works?
Emtel Bin

Environmental Projects

  • The Citadelle Revegetation
  • Wastes recycling
  • Cleanup
  • Eco-Schools
  • Mangroves Conservation Project
  • Preservation Project with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation
  • Mangrove Cleanup
  • Ebony Forest

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

  • Say No To Drugs Campaign
  • Blood Donation
  • Support to local NGOs
  • Poverty Alteration
  • Support to National Athletes
  • Contact Us
CSR - Emtel

Sustainable Operations

Our Environment and Sustainability Commitments

  • Undertake Environmental Risk Management
  • Improve Environmental & Sustainability Performance
  • Manage Energy & Resources Judiciously
  • Comply to & Exceed Regulatory Environmental Requirements
  • Minimise Ecological Footprint
  • Assist Customers in Using Products & Services Responsibly
  • Enhance Staff & Stakeholders Sustainability Consciousness
  • Preserve Biodiversity & Ecology
  • Promote Reduction, Reuse & Recycling of Wastes
  • Incorporate Environmental Factors in Business Decisions

Our areas of intervention includes:

  • Energy Management
  • Water Usage
  • Paper Usage
  • Procurement
  • Transport Management