Caller Tunes

Caller Tunes

Set your favourite song as your caller tune

Now you can make your friends listen to their favourite song every time they call you. Play popular songs for as many friends as you like. Choose your song from Bollywood to International hits, whacky sounds to pure instrumental and lot more. You can either set one common tune for all or customise a tune for individual callers.

Check out the latest Caller Tunes to assign special people and much more!


  1. 2

    Choose your preferred pack under Songpack

  2. 3

    Log in with your mobile number and password

    NOTE: If you are a new user, please follow the instructions and register first)
  3. 4

    Click on “Set” for the chosen pack.



To copy your friend’s Caller Tune, press *9 when you call your friend and while listening to the Caller Tune

Offer a Caller Tune to a friend

Set up to 99 Caller Tunes at the same time on your mobile

Set a different Caller Tunes for each of your friends or play different Caller Tunes at different times of the day!


Send SUB to 8138


Monthly subscription to the service

Rs 10.00*


Rs 9.00 per tune

SMS to 8138

Same as regular SMS

Calls to 8138


*This will be deducted from your prepaid or postpaid account after every 30 days.


After download, the tune shall remain valid in your library for a period not exceeding the expiry date of that tune.

Emtel may at any time and from time to time modify or discontinue, either temporarily or permanently the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice if EMTEL considers such modification, discontinuation desirable, in which event, EMTEL shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience to the Subscriber or to any third party resulting therefrom.


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Detailed FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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