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Company Profile

About Emtel

Emtel is a leading telecommunications company based in Mauritius, offering a comprehensive suite of telecom services. With a strong track record of innovation and industry firsts, Emtel Ltd has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology and service. The company’s investments in the METISS cable, data centers, 5G network, Fintech and the first satellite ground station in Mauritius, in partnership with OneWeb, demonstrate its commitment to staying at the forefront of the telecom industry. Emtel's focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and shareholder value creation makes it an attractive opportunity for investors seeking growth and returns in the dynamic telecom sector. Emtel is committed to playing a key role in building a smarter future for Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega, a future where positive economic, environmental and societal outcomes are powered by technology.


Emtel has always been true to its core values, integrity and ethics. A brand needs to evolve and adapt to the current needs of its customers and the market. Following a brand refresh in 2019, Emtel came forward with its new tagline, Feel Free. Feel Free represents the essence of the brand and our promise to our customers. We position ourselves as young, vibrant and approachable and aim to empower our customers to have the means to achieve more with limitless possibilities via our unlimited products and services portfolio.

    • Together building a better tomorrow through a value-driven culture.

    • Shaping a smarter tomorrow through state of the art technological solutions and services.

    • We strive to achieve customer service excellence and bring positive change in the society.

    • Foresight

      By making an effort to understand the needs of our customers and communities, we are able to visualize a better future and make it real through diligent planning.

    • Integrity

      As one group, we are known for always doing what we say. Through honesty, fairness and respect, we aim to build long-term relationships with all the stakeholders.

    • Responsibility

      We maintain that success is not only reflected in the bottom line but also in the positive impact we have on communities and the environment.

    • Passion

      We have the passion required to bring our vision to life, to inspire success and build a better tomorrow for our customers, company and country.

    • Openness

      We are open and inclusive, always willing to learn from others and always demonstrating respect for different cultures, beliefs and ideas.


Emtel has always been true to its core values, integrity and ethics. A brand needs to evolve and adapt to the current needs of its customers and the market. Following a brand refresh in 2019, Emtel came forward with its new tagline, Feel Free. Feel Free represents the essence of the brand and our promise to our customers. We position ourselves as young, vibrant and approachable and aim to empower our customers to have the means to achieve more with limitless possibilities via our unlimited products & services portfolio.

Our Journey

Milestones set by Emtel have thus paved the last decade to bring telecommunications in Mauritius to new heights.

    • Emtel in 1980


      Emtel is the first cellular operator in the Southern hemisphere.

    • Emtel in 1995


      Emtel was one of the founders of Bharti Cellular Ltd with the first Indian GSM network in New Delhi

    • Emtel in 1995


      Introduction of International Roaming in Mauritius

    • Emtel in 1998


      Emtel Ltd was the first company to introduce prepaid system for its customers hence booming the cellular market and creating massive accessibility to mobile communication.

    • Emtel in 1999


      Emtel introduces new modes of communications with SMS, mobile email and 6-party conferencing.

    • Emtel in 2000


      Emtel Ltd was the first to introduce the Short Message Service (SMS), which in the following years will revolutionize mobile communication.Host of Value Added Services such as Voice Mail – personalized, confidential answering service, SMS, Mobile e-mail, International Roaming Service for those who wish to be accessible whilst traveling overseas, and Mobile Fax among others.

    • Emtel in 2002


      2002 has been marked by the introduction of SMS based information provision and the launch of the first mobile internet portal in Mauritius bringing interaction between web and cellular phone.

    • Emtel in 2003


      • Emtel Ltd was the first to integrate music and mobile telephony. The service, JukeBox 135, allowed Emtel subscribers to listen and dedicate songs to any other telephone number. 
      • Emtel Ltd was the first to offer the roaming facility to its Prepaid customers. 
      • Emtel is certified ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious British Standards Institution, showing commitment to offer a customer-focused and high quality service.
    • Emtel in 2004


      Emtel brings a new way of communicating to Mauritius through Multimedia Messaging.Emtel launches its International Call Gateway, offering henceforth a complete communication service to its users.Launch of the WAP portal from where customers can download videos contents, ringtones, games, latest international/sports news and horse racing pictures and videos.

      November 29th, Emtel launches the first 3G (UMTS) Network in Africa. A real revolution in telecommunications, with new features like video calling, high speed Internet, video streaming and downloading, location based services and high speed WAP browsing.

    • Emtel in 2005


      Emtel introduces Emtel Caller Tunes which allows customers to personalize their phones by choosing a song to welcome their friends and relatives calling them.

    • Emtel in 2006


      March, Emtel initiates the Video Surveillance service which allows customers using a 3G mobile to keep a watch on the place of their choice (residence or office for example).

      May, Emtel TV now available on 3G mobile phones. Subscribers can carry their favorite TV shows, music, news and sport channels anywhere they go.

      September, Emtel introduces a new electronic system call EPin which enables customers to recharge their prepaid account by SMS from an EPin dealer without using scratch cards.

      December, Emtel customers benefit from the Per Second Billing service which charges all calls as from the first second of the call.

      20th December, Emtel acquires network in Rodrigues, thus providing the same products and services as in Mauritius.

    • Emtel in 2007


      January, Emtel introduces the Emtel BlackBerry which enables customers to have access to a wide range of applications which include e-mail, phone, intranet, Internet, SMS and personal information management applications operating over Emtel’s GSM and GPRS network.

      Emtel Ltd launches WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) thus providing the latest technology innovation to its subscribers.WIMAX is a telecommunications technology aimed at providing wireless data over long distances.

      The company is the first to introduce HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access) on the local market. It offers 3.5G services, which allows networks to have higher data transfer speeds and capacity wherever they are thanks to the Emtel USB Modem.With Emtel Missed Call Alert, prepaid and postpaid subscribers are notified of all the calls they have missed by SMS, whether they were already on the phone or could not take the call.Emtel Easy Transfer – with this service, prepaid subscribers can transfer between Rs. 5 and Rs. 1000 from their Emtel prepaid to another prepaid.

      Keeping in mind the convenience of its customers, Emtel is expanding its distribution network at a fast rate, with now more than 5000 official agents around the island. With more than 435,000 customers to date, Emtel international standards keep it moving with technology dynamism to continuously bring about new services and products.

    • Emtel in 2008


      April, Emtel introduced Gift and Collect SMS, available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. With Gift SMS, customer can send an SMS to another Emtel customer and the latter can reply for free. For Collect SMS, customer can send an SMS even when he is out of credit. Price of the SMS sent will be deducted from his/her correspondent’s account.Emtel EPin – customers can now recharge their prepaid account with as low as Rs. 20 (VAT incl.) through this electronic system and from all usual dealers.In August, Emtel introduced Emtel Favourite Numbers. This service allows prepaid subs to register up to 3 Emtel numbers as their favourite numbers and benefit from the lowest prepaid tariffs on the market. Calls towards their favourite numbers are billed 96 cents instead of Rs. 1.20, representing savings of 24 cents/minute on each call.

      November 19th, After offering the same services at the same tariffs in Rodrigues, Emtel now extends its network to Agalega, where for the first time ever, Agaleans will have access to mobile telephony. This forms part of Emtel’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Besides offering 180 mobile phones, Emtel also offered data cards so the Agaleans can have access to the Internet.

    • Emtel in 2009


      April: Emtel Ltd has been successfully upgraded to the ISO 9001:2008 Certification by British Standards Institution. This again shows the commitment to high quality service and dedication to customers.


      29th May – Emtel celebrates its 20th anniversary!On the 2nd of June, Emtel launched its Underground Fibre Optical project at its Boundary Road office. This cable is the first in its kind in Mauritius and it will enable companies and individuals to have access to high speed Internet. The first phase of the project is 137 Km long.11th November – Emtel wins the Changing Lives AfricaCom Award in Cape Town for having launched its mobile network in Agalega. This has changed the lives of all Agaleans as they are now able to stay in touch with each other and also with their family and friends in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Agalaeans also have access to the same services and the same tariffs as in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

    • Emtel in 2010


      24th March – Emtel launches a first in the world service, enabling people to benefit from the Convenience of Postpaid and the Freedom of Prepaid while keeping the SAME number. This service enables subscribers to be both Prepaid and Postpaid and they get to keep their existing Emtel number as well as their SIM card.


      28th July – Emtel is the first operator to launch m-Payment services. Postpaid customers can now pay their Emtel bills via SMS anytime, anywhere through a secured and easy transaction, thus paving the way to a second phase where customers will be able to pay for different items such as cinema tickets or utility bills via SMS.


      26th August – Emtel launches Emtel SOS. Considered as a community service, it enables subscribers having Rs. 3 or less than Rs. 3 credit to send SOS to 8505 and receive Rs. 5 credit on their mobile. This can be handy when subscribers cannot recharge their mobile when they are out of credit for example

    • Emtel in 2011


      April – Emtel is the first operator to bring Facebook Mobile. Facebook being the most popular social network, it can now be accessed through SMS: update your status, add friends, send private messages, write on your friends’ walls – all this through a single SMS!

    • Emtel in 2012


      January – Emtel launches its Data Center located in Arsenal: the answer to protecting and safeguarding business. It is a 24/7 facility with resilient and redundant security, power, cooling and connectivity to safeguard data and to be always online. More than protection, it offers peace of mind.May – Emtel now also offers fixed wireless telephony through the Home & Office service. Customers can now enjoy the comfort of a fixed home or office line without access or monthly fees.29th May 2012 – Emtel celebrates its 23rd anniversary with yet another milestone that will change the life of each and every Mauritian: the launch of 4G, also called LTE (Long Term Evolution) which is the evolution from 3G. Emtel is proud to be among the very few in the world to provide data speeds of up to 100Mbps.


      12th September – The start of a new era for Emtel through its brand evolution. Customers will witness the change through the network optimization, improved customer service and new visibility.


      Emtel You. First

    • Emtel in 2013


      Emtel launched fixed voice and data/Internet services and invested in Data-related projects such as the international submarine fibre optic cable and network modernisation.

      Launch of Home & Office Broadband.

    • Emtel in 2014


      First mobile network operator in Mauritius to be IPv6 ready.


      Launch of PRI fixed telephony service for businesses.


      Organisation of quarterly Knowledge Series Workshops to educate the market.


      Coaching of 100 entrepreneurs in Mauritius and Rodrigues on digital technology through the Emtel Entrepreneurship Development Programme. Launch of Emtel Cloud Services, Inauguration of the Emtel Innovation Centre accredited by the MQA.


      Buyout of Millicom shares in Emtel by Currimjee Jeewanjee & Co Ltd .

    • Emtel in 2015


      Emtel becomes the official triple play partner of Manchester United in Mauritius on the 5th February 2015


      Emtel launches the portal offering the best choice for your digital lifestyle: website design in seconds, business class email and automated Cloud backup, enabling customers to access a whole new world of possibilities


      Emtel launches Airbox – unlimited high speed internet at home with speeds up to 30 Mbps, a free fixed phone, 1GB email address and fast installation.

      Emtel launches Emtel Cash: Another innovation by Emtel which enables you to store, send & receive money using your mobile phone. With Emtel Cash, you can pay your bills, recharge your mobile or transfer money. No need for a bank account or internet connection.

    • Emtel in 2016


      January 2016 – Emtel launches unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp for prepaid and postpaid customers who have activated a mobile internet pack.

    • Emtel in 2017


      Emtel launches unlimited packs with calls, mobile internet and sms included, both in prepaid and postpaid. 

    • Emtel in 2018


      Emtel launches the West Coast Fibre Network linking Palma to Baie Jacotet through the west of the island. This fibre route connects all the sites in the region on the fibre network and caters for enhanced capacity and customer experience.

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