Price Plans

Enjoy brilliant value calls and texts with our sims

Call directionPer second tariff (Rs)Per Minute (Rs)
Emtel to Emtel Voice call 0.02 1.2
Emtel to Emtel Video call 0.02 1.2
Emtel to other mobile operators 0.06 3.6
Emtel to Fixed land line 0.0575 3.45
Emtel to Emtel Favourite Num 0.016 0.96
Voicemail deposits 0.02 1.2
Voicemail retrieval

Note: Per second billing right from the first second

Free incoming calls – From other Networks, Emtel, Fixed Line and International

Emtel to AudioTextPer Minute (Rs)
301XXXX 4
302XXXX 5
303XXXX 6

Note: On audiotext, if you call for 1 min 2 secs, you will have to pay for 2 mins

Outgoing SMS
SMS to Emtel Rs 0.60 per SMS
SMS to other network/International Rs 0.60 per SMS

Note: Free incoming SMS from Emtel and other Networks

Price (Rs VAT incl.)BenefitsValidity
39 Unlimited Emtel mobile to Emtel mobile minutes 24 hours