How to configure internet settings ?

How to configure internet settings?

Mobile Internet settings - by SMS

To request for WEB settings on your mobile phone, send the following SMS to short code 8080.< phone brand >< space >< phone model >< space >Web E.g: Nokia 6288 Web

If the mobile phone request for PIN, enter “1234” or “0000” to save the settings.
What happens after sending the SMS to request for APN settings?

Emtel customer will receive 4 messages. The first message as shown in Figure 1 explains that Emtel customer will be receiving the APN settings for WEB. If the mobile phone request for PIN, Emtel customer is required to enter “1234” or “0000”.


What does Emtel customer needs to do when the configuration SMS for WEB in mobile phone is received?

Emtel customer needs to open the configuration SMS as shown in figure 4and click on “optionto save the APN settings for WEB on their mobile phone.


What happens if Emtel customer enters an incorrect PIN?

When Emtel customer enters an incorrect PIN, the automatic APN setting request will prompt again.

After 3 consecutive attempts, the APN setting request will be discarded. This varies from models to models.

The PIN code not referring to the customer current handset PIN lock.

Mobile Internet settings – Manual Configurations


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