Unik Pack

Emtel introduces its new prepaid UNIK pack. No more, do our customers have to worry about who they are calling.

Good news for Emtel customers:

Emtel UNIK pack gives customers peace of mind in calling anyone in Mauritius, Rodrigues or Agalega at only one rate. For a monthly fee of Rs 45 (VAT incl.), all calls to Emtel, fixed and other networks are charged at only Rs 1/minute.

Billing is done on a per second basis.


What is Emtel UNIK pack?
Emtel UNIK pack will enable you to call any fixed line or mobile phone in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega for only Rs 1 per minute for a monthly fee of Rs 45 (VAT incl.). You will benefit from this preferential rate for 30 days from date of subscription.
Who can activate the Emtel UNIK pack?
All Prepaid mobile subscribers of Emtel
How do I register for Emtel UNIK pack?
  • Send sub UNIK to 8284
  • Do an exact EPIN of Rs 45
  • Dial *100# and select “Buy Emtel Packs”
  • Dial *110# and select “Recharge”
How much does an SMS to 8284 cost?
SMS sent to 8284 is free.
How much does an Emtel UNIK pack cost?
It costs Rs 45 including VAT per pack.
Can I purchase an Emtel UNIK pack if I am a ‘One Number’ subscriber?
No, Emtel UNIK pack is available only to Prepaid mobile subscribers.
Can I purchase an Emtel UNIK pack if I am a Home and Office subscriber?
No, Emtel UNIK pack is not applicable for Home and Office subscriber.
How will I know when my offer gets activated?
You’ll receive an SMS about the successful activation of your offer.
Is my Emtel UNIK pack automatically renewed every month?
No, you will have to subscribe again for the pack after 30 days
Can Postpaid customers also subscribe to Emtel UNIK pack?
Presently, this offer is only for Prepaid Mobile customers.
When I am roaming will I be able to use my Emtel UNIK pack?
No, Emtel UNIK pack is ONLY available in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega.

If you require any further information, please visit any Emtel showroom or contact our Customer Care on 8970.