Postpaid Packages


If you are looking for the best value postpaid packs, you are in the right place.

With Emtel Voice and SMS packages, you will never miss an earning opportunity

Price (VAT incl.)


Rs 149

Unlimited SMS

Rs 159

1000 Emtel mins

Rs 189

Unlimited Emtel calls

Remember you can still add a separate Mobile Internet package to compliment your Postpaid Voice & SMS packages.

Can I send international SMS from the SMS pack?
No, you can send SMS to any LOCAL mobile number only.
How much will I pay for the first month?
You will be charged for the pro-rated amount, according to the date of subscription + 1 month in advance. E.g. if you subscribe to the plan on the 20th May, you will pay for 20th to 31st May + one month in advance.
Is an Airbox or ‘One Number’ subscriber eligible for these packages?
No, these packages are applicable only to postpaid mobile accounts.
To whom can I call with the Voice package?
You can call any Emtel mobile subscriber.
Can I benefit from these package while roaming?
No, while roaming you will be charged at normal roaming rates.
No, while roaming you will be charged at normal roaming rates.
You may send SMS to any Emtel or other local operators’ subscribers. SMS in this pack is not applicable for international and premium services including SMS to short code.

Below are the Special Terms and Conditions applicable to Emtel POSTPAID PACKAGES. These special Terms and Conditions shall be read together with the General Terms and Conditions of the services.

  • The SMS included in the SMS package are Local SMS only
  • The packages cannot be used during International Roaming
  • The voice package offers calls to Emtel mobile numbers only
  • The package cannot be carried forward
  • All other existing postpaid terms & conditions will apply