What is a postpaid line?

Life becomes much simpler with your Emtel postpaid. Now you have the unlimited freedom to reach out to people in your special way.

Choose your preferred postpaid Individual plan amongst Emtel 3 different packages (Liberty, Smart and Postpaid Bundles) - For Postpaid Bundles please click here and build your postpaid plan.

You will get a detailed bill for all your spending at the end of month based on the plan  which you have chosen. A monthly fee of Rs60 per bill will be charged for your detailed bill


  • Talk to your heart’s content without worrying about minutes running out.
  • Get your postpaid SIM card free of charge.
  • A wide range of plans available so you can find the one that best fits your lifestyle.
  • You don’t have to worry about low balance or inability to recharge
  • Bill payment is easy, with several options available. You may choose to receive your bill via mail, postal service or through our online Self Care portal
  • For the online option please visit our website Self Care

How to check your balance?

1.Dial *122#


Description:Keyword to be sent to 8101*
Check airtime Balance Bal
Check Data package Balance Data

*SMS to 8101: Free of charge

Monthly Usage Limit

Your pre-set credit limit mentioned on your monthly bill helps you keep your mobile charges in control, keeps track of your usage and ensures that your mobile phone is not misused. Should you exceed your credit limit, you will have to make an interim payment and reduce your account balance below your credit limit to continue using your postpaid plan.

How do I become a postpaid customer?
To become a postpaid customer, you just have to visit one of Emtel stores with your ID card, a recent proof of address (no more than 2 months old) and your bank account details.
What are the different postpaid plans available?

You can choose between 3 different plans:

Smart Plan
Liberty Plan
Emtel My Choice
How much do I have to pay for the postpaid SIM card?

Your postpaid SIM card will be offered to you free of charge upon subscribing to any postpaid plans.

What is a SIM replacement?

A sim replacement enables you to replace your sim card and keep the same phone number when needed.

For example, in case of phone loss, when the sim becomes old or when you purchase a new phone model (E.g. to use an iPhone, a Nano sim is required).


- Keep the same number

- The initial credit you had is transferred to the new sim including internet package and any other value added services (Caller Tunes, Team Tweet, etc…).

The different types of available sims:

  • Standard SIM
  • Micro SIM
  • Nano SIM
  • 4G SIM

How it works?

Simply visit any Emtel showroom with your ID card or passport.


A sim replacement costs Rs. 75 incl. VAT.


What is a sim block?
A sim block is to prohibit all access to make any transactions from your sim card.
How to block my sim?
Visit us with your ID and passport for assistance.
What is an IMEI blocking?
An IMEI blocking is the process of blocking the phone at the mobile operator level when phone is lost.
How to block an IMEI in case my phone is lost?
You need to go to the police station first to report the phone loss and request a police memo. Upon receipt of the Police memo, visit any Emtel showroom with your ID or passport.