Platinum 4G

Platinum 4G – Get Faster Everywhere

With Platinum 4G, Get Faster across all devices, Get faster across all contents, Get faster everywhere!

Platinum 4G Experience:

Upgrade to Platinum 4G and enrich your internet experience all around Mauritius with Video streaming & Gaming speeds 5 times faster and Streaming Music & Social Media 3 Times faster.

Speeds are on a best efforts basis depending on factors such as location, coverage, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users.

Prepaid Plans:

Special Illimité Mobile Data PacksPackage Price, Rs (Inc VAT)

Prepaid Pack activation command by SMS to 8284

Validity of pack
Illimité Daily 600MB Rs 19 SUBspaceULDAY
1 Day
Illimité Daily 2GB Rs 51 SUBspaceULDAILY
Illimité Weekly 3GB Rs 109 SUBspaceULWEEKLY 7 Days
Illimité Monthly 5GB Rs 299 SUBspaceUL 30 Days
Illimité 45GB (1.5GB/jour) Rs 319 SUBspaceULMON
Illimité Monthly 10GB Rs 449 SUBspaceULSUPER
Illimité Monthly 16GB Rs 649 SUBspaceULMEGA
Illimité Monthly 100GB Rs 949 SUBspaceULULTRA

Limited Mobile Data PacksPackage Price, Rs (Inc VAT)

Prepaid Pack activation command by SMS to 8284

Validity of packExcess package tariff,
Rs (Inc  VAT)
Daily 55 MB + 55 SMS Rs 10 SUBspaceDAILY 1 Day Rs 3.53 /MB
Weekly 325 MB + 325 SMS Rs 49 SUBspaceWEEKLY 7 Days
Weekly 1 GB + 500 SMS    Rs 99 SUBspaceWEEKLY1GB
Monthly 1 GB Rs 249 SUBspace1GB 30 Days

Postpaid Plans:

Special Illimité Mobile Data PacksPackage Price, Rs (Inc VAT)Validity of pack
Illimité Monthly 5GB Rs 284 1 Calendar month
Illimité Monthly 10GB Rs 434
Illimité Monthly 16GB Rs 634
Illimité Monthly 100GB Rs 934

Special Illimité Mobile Data PacksPackage Price, Rs (Inc VAT)Validity of packExcess package tariff,
Rs (Inc  VAT)
Monthly 1GB Rs 284 1 Calendar month 2.53/MB

* Fair Usage Policy (FUP): Upon consumption of the Data Volume allocated and the validity of the package being still active, customers can continue to access Internet at a lower speed. Customers at this stage will be able to get access to internet at speeds Up to 256Kbps for download and upload.Customers can browse with high speed internet even more. Example for illimité Monthly 5GB, a customer will receive 5 GB and capping will be applied once this limit (5GB) has been reached.

To experience Emtel Platinum 4G network, you need to have a 4G device, a 4G SIM card and 4G network coverage. To benefit from affordable tariffs, you can activate any Emtel Mobile Internet pack from our wide range of Platinum 4G internet packs.


How do I get Platinum 4G?
You should have a 4G compatible smartphone. In addition to this you need to upgrade to a 4G SIM Card
Where can I get the Platinum 4G SIM Card?
You can walk into any of our showrooms across Mauritius and Rodrigues, and we shall be delighted to upgrade you to a Platinum 4G SIM Card
Is there any charges for upgrade to Platinum 4G SIM Card?
There are no charges for the upgrade to Platinum 4G SIM Card. The SIM card is Free of cost for existing subscribers
How do I know if I have a Platinum 4G SIM?
Please visit any Emtel showroom and we will check your sim. In case you sim is a 3G sim card, we will change your sim instantly to 4G.
How do I check if my handset is Platinum 4G compatible or not?
You just go to your settings, network settings and see if you have 4G network feature option available.
How do I upgrade to a 4G handset?
You can come to our showrooms and choose form a range of 4G devices. We have some extremely interesting offers for 4G smartphones.
Where all you have Platinum 4G in Mauritius?
We cover over 90% of the area of Mauritius. All Hotspots, Malls and other places of public interest are covered with Platinum 4G.
Why should I upgrade to Platinum 4G?
By upgrading to Platinum 4G, your Internet speeds become much faster. Your Video streaming & Gaming experience is 5 times faster, Streaming Music and social Media 2-3 Times faster. Your overall experience of using internet becomes much better and enriched. You can complete your work faster and more efficiently.
How do I check my network speed?
Just download the Ookla Speed test or any other speed test application. Select the Emtel server and do a speed test. This is a free to download App and is available on both Android PlayStore and IOS App store. Above all you will start enjoying higher speeds and richer internet experience on Platinum 4G.
Do you have Platinum 4G in Rodrigues?
Yes the entire island of Rodrigues is covered with Platinum 4G.
What happens if I take my Platinum 4G handset and change settings to 3G?
You will not be able to use the Platinum 4G experience. We recommend that you select Auto Network settings or 4G network settings to benefit from the Platinum 4G experience
What Data package do I buy to get Platinum 4G Data?
All our Data packages are available with Platinum 4G service. You can choose form a range of options from 1 Day or 7 days or 30 days validity.
What is the best Platinum 4G package for me?
Depending upon your usage you can select data packs.
Does my package finish faster on Platinum 4G?
No. the package will be consumed as per your usage. The package will give same amount of Data whether you use on 2G or 3G or Platinum 4G
I want a new connection for Platinum 4G. How do I get it?
Please visit any of our showroom nearest to your house and our agents will be delighted to assist you.
Is Airbox also on Platinum 4G?
For Airbox we use multiple technologies. Depending upon the area you live in, we will connect you with the best technology available. In the East part of the Island, we only use Platinum 4G to connect our customers.
Can I make voice calls on my mobile if I have a Platinum 4G SIM?
Yes you can make voice calls. For the Voice calls you will automatically move to 2G/3G network.
Once your call if over you will automatically move back to Platinum 4G.
All of this will happen in a fraction of second and your user experience will not be impacted.
Will Platinum 4G work on International Roaming?
We are in the process of expanding our roaming network for Platinum 4G. You can visit our website for more information on this. You can also call us on 8970 and share the country you are travelling to and we will get back to you on 4G service.