Nite Pack

With Emtel you can now enjoy long late night conversations and early good morning calls at the lowest call rates.

Emtel NITE PACK offers you the opportunity to talk unlimitedly from 10pm to 7am for only Rs 79 during 7 days.

How to subscribe?

To enjoy all the benefits of the NITE Pack, choose one of the options below:

  • Send SUB NITE to 8284 or
  • Do an exact EPin of Rs 79 or
  • Through Emtel Cash or
  • Through USSD One Stop Shop


  • The NITE Pack will be valid from 10pm to 7am during 7 days as from date of purchase.


  • Only prepaid mobile subscribers are eligible for the NITE Pack (Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega)
  • The duration of the pack will be for 7 days as from date of purchase.
  • The minutes offered will be available when calling only Emtel mobile numbers, calls to Home & Office and premium numbers will be excluded.
  • The minutes offered while purchasing a NITE Pack cannot be utilized during International Roaming.
  • Home & Office subscribers cannot purchase the pack.


Who is eligible for the NITE Pack?
All existing and new prepaid mobile subscribers of Emtel- Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega
What will I get when I purchase a NITE Pack?
Unlimited Calls from 10pm to 7 am during 7 days when calling any Emtel mobile number
How much does a NITE Pack cost?
It costs Rs 79 (incl. VAT) per pack.
How do I purchase a NITE Pack?
You can either purchase the pack by sending ‘’sub NITE’’ to 8284 or do an exact EPin of Rs 79 or through Emtel Cash or through *100#
What is the validity period of my NITE Pack?
Your NITE Pack is valid for 7 days as from time of purchase
How will I know when my pack gets activated?
You will receive an SMS upon activation of your NITE Pack.
Can I purchase a NITE Pack if I am a ‘Home & Officer’ subscriber?
No, Home & Office subscribers are not eligible for the pack.
How much does an SMS to 8284 costs?
SMS sent to 8284 is free.
To whom can I call with this pack?
With NITE pack, you can call any Emtel mobile subscribers.
Can I benefit from the NITE Pack while roaming?
No, while roaming you will be charged at normal roaming rates.
What happens if I made a call at 6:58am time and still on call after 7am?
If you’re subscribed to the NITE Pack, at 6:58am you will not be charged, however after 7am you will be charged at normal rate.
What if the validity of my NITE Pack expire during a call?
If you still have credit on your mobile, you will be charged at normal rate. However, if you do not have any credit on your mobile, the call will be disconnected.
What will happen once my NITE Pack has expired?
You will be charged normal rates.