My Airbox Postpaid

Airbox Postpaid

Truly unlimited Airbox offers are NOW available with Emtel. Unlimited Internet with no Volume Capping & Unlimited Calls ! Watch out the WOW Airbox offers:

Choose the offer which best suits your needs

Get a second postpaid Airbox  connection & benefit from 25% discount on your monthly rental for same 

˜ 100% Unlimited Home Internet with no volume restriction
# Unlimited internet with Fair Usage policy. The download speed and the upload speed will be reduced to 1Mbps and 512 Kbps respectively after 1TB volume consumption.
* Unlimited calls to any Emtel Number + 500 Mins of local calls to any operators.
□ 100 Minutes of Free Fixed local calls

The above tariff applies for payment through Direct Debit.

Airbox - The key benefits


Unlimited High Speed Internet

Stream unlimited on Youtube & Netflix, download unlimited songs and stay connected to your family with no worries on volume!

fixed-home-phone icon

Fixed Phone Line Service

Get free calls with Emtel Airbox Offers! Unlimited Calls to any Emtel number + 500 Mins of calls are available on our 20M & 30M plan.

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Fast & Free Installation

Airbox is a Plug & Play solution with no technical intervention. Great SAVINGS for You!



Connect all your WIFI enabled devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, tablets and ENJOY internet.


25% discount

Benefit from a 25% discount on the 2nd Airbox monthly fee

How to subscribe to the AIRBOX internet service?

step 1

Option 1:
You can visit the closest Emtel  or Canal+ showroom. You will bring your ID card, a recent proof of address & Rs 1,000 for the security deposit along with you. If you will be paying through the Direct Debit Method, a recent proof of bank a/c will also be required, bank card or top part of a recent bank statement

step 2

Option 2:
You request one representative from our Outdoor Team to visit you for the registration. This can be done by leaving your contact details hereunder. Just fill in the appropriate information and our team will soon contact you for a visit and a full demonstration.

Our Airbox Service Coverage Map


Emtel stores

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Call center

Call on 8970
Call our dedicated Customer Care on 8970. We are available, from Monday to Sunday, as from 06:00 am to 11.00 pm. Our agents will be pleased to assist you with your queries. You can also contact us, through email, on

If you want our Outdoor Team to contact you further information, or a demonstration of the Airbox service, at your place, please leave your contact details hereunder.


  • Place your router at a location where the 4G / LTE coverage is available, the light on your router should then indicate the cyan color.
  • Install your router in ‘opened room’ so that you get to enjoy a better Wi-Fi coverage at home.
  • Connect your Airbox router direct to power.
  • Keep your router away from sources of heat, cold and humidity.
  • The router should always be used indoor and for residential type of usage.
  • Check your data consumption through the Hi app. Just download the HiLink App,, from PlayStore or App store. Once it is loaded on your smartphone or tablet, connect this device, through Wi-Fi, with your Airbox router. You will then be able to view, through the App, your data consumption, as often as required.

  • Do not connect your Airbox router through non-certified multiplugs.
  • The router includes a SIM card which enables you to get your internet/voice connectivity. Do not remove your sim card from your router.

Billing will start on the date of activation of the service. You bill will include your monthly subscription fee and billable calls (if any), Late Payment Charges, (LPC) in case you are late on your payments!

Your first bill will include the payment for Internet & calls done for the pro-rata days of the month of subscription + a full month subscription fee.

Your subsequent months bill will include the full month subscription fee (Example: Rs 1034 for Silver+ plan), the billable calls if any, and late payment charges if applicable.

You will receive your bills via email or post. If you opt for e-bill (by email), you will be able to save Rs25 per month.

Bills shall be paid by latest on the “Due Date”, indicated on the top right of your bills. Otherwise, late payment penalties will apply and your connection will be temporarily suspended.

Mode of Payments:

  • Direct Debit (Special discount offer: Rs 50 monthly discount on your bill)
  • Emtel Cash (Special Rs 25 discount on your bill)
  • Juice App (MCB)
  • Internet Banking (Local Bank transfer or bill payment – if available)
  • Cash in our showrooms


Do you need a second Airbox connection for your home? Great! Get your connection and benefit from 25% discount on the 2nd Airbox monthly subscription fee. 

Terms and conditions applicable:

  • All additional connections shall be on one customer name and under the same agreement.
  • You will receive 1 single bill for both connections.
  • The first connection including any additional connections will be billed from one bank account via direct debit ONLY.
  • Direct debit mode of payment is compulsory
  • Security deposit is mandatory for each new additional Airbox connection being taken by the customer.
  • Direct debit discount will be applicable per Airbox connection.
  • The above offers shall be available to individual residential customers only.

Airbox offers comes with free fixed voice service. Excess calls done in the free calls available in the Airbox package will be billed accordingly.  

Tariff applicable for calls from your Airbox:

CategoryTariffs (Excl Vat)
National voice calls to fixed line Rs 0.6/min, with per minute charging
National voice calls to mobile Rs 1.45/min, with per minute charging
National & International SMS Rs 0.5/SMS
ILD Calls Same as approved current tariff
Other Airbox OfersVoice Benefits (Mins)SpeedPrice, Rs (Inc VAT)
30GB Unlimited n/a 10M 434
200GB Unlimited 50 Fixed Mins to any Local Fixed numbers 10M 734
  • The above tariff applies for payment through Direct Debit.
  • Unlimited internet with Fair Usage policy. The download speed and the upload speed will be reduced to 1Mbps and 512 Kbps respectively after 1TB volume consumption.

Like all the other residential internet services in the world, our Airbox plans indeed come with specific data allocations, and are governed by a Fair Usage Policy. You may consult Emtel’s Fair Usage Policy, on our web site

You can either visit one of our showrooms or have one of our Outdoor Sales people to visit you. If you choose the Outdoor Team option, please mandatorily leave your full contact details further down, on our web site.

Documents to be signed and submitted at the time of subscription:

  • Sales Order Form
  • Copy of your ID card or Passport
  • Resident / Work Permit (For foreigners)
  • Recent proof of address (Utility Bill)
  • Recent proof of bank a/c no., bank card / statement, (For Direct Debit)
  • Security deposit of Rs 1000/-