Airbox Prepaid


Airbox Prepaid 

Get your Airbox home internet on prepaid basis and be ready for unlimited downloads, streaming music and videos, surfing and social networking! We offer you with more flexibility and fast internet browsing!  

Choose the offer which suits your needs

Promotional offer of Airbox Mega valid till 31st May 2019.

Validity of prepaid Airbox pack: 30 days as from the date of pack activation.

Airbox is a best effort service governed by Fair Usage Policy.

Limited Airbox Prepaid Packages:

Limited Airbox Prepaid packages are also available on Prepaid and Postpaid as follows: 

Limited Airbox Prepaid PackPrepaid Pack Price Inc VAT (Rs) Postpaid Pack Price Inc VAT (Rs) 
5GB 499 484

Validity of prepaid pack: 30 days
Validity of postpaid pack: 1 calendar month

You have an active Airbox Prepaid pack of 75GB Unl, 100GB Unl or 500GB UNL pack in your Airbox router and you wish to get extra High speed volume?

It is now possible with Emtel new Airbox Prepaid TOPUP 100GB plan!

The offer

Pack DescriptionPrice, Rs Inc VATValidity
Airbox TOPUP 100GB 111 Same validity of your existing active pack

How do I activate the TOPUP pack on my prepaid Airbox?

  1. You can recharge the Airbox prepaid pack from any Emtel prepaid mobile phone. 
  2. Send SUB TOPUP100 <Airbox no> by SMS to to short code 8333. The <Airbox No> is the MSISDN of the SIM card in your airbox router.
  3. A minimum of Rs 94.52 shall be available as credit on your Emtel prepaid mobile phone. 
  4. Upon successful message sent, Rs 96.52 will be deducted from your mobile phone credit. 
  5. 100GB Airbox TOPUP pack will be activated on your airbox number.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The TOPUP 100GB pack is available only on Airbox prepaid Unlimited packs (excluding Rodrigues 1Mbps unlimited pack).
  • Customers with active 5GB limited prepaid Airbox pack will not be eligible for this offer.
  • The validity of the TOPUP 100GB volume is same as the existing active prepaid unlimited Airbox pack.
  • If you have no Airbox prepaid pack active on your Airbox number, you will not be eligible for a TOPUP 100GB pack.
  • You can activate as many TOPUP packs as you want, provided that you have an unlimited prepaid pack active on your Airbox number.

Steps to access Unlimited Airbox Prepaid Packages:

  1. Steps to access Unlimited Airbox Prepaid Packages:
  2. Activate your pack via SMS, EPIN, Emtel cash or ecommerce.

Activation via SMS:

1. Unlimited Pack

Unlimited Airbox Prepaid PackagesPrice inc VAT (Rs.)Commands to be sent on 8284
Airbox Mega 1,249 999 SUB WIFI1TB

Limited Pack

Limited Airbox Prepaid packagePrice inc VAT (Rs.)Commands to be sent on 8284

3. EPin

Simply do an exact recharge of Rs 999 at any Emtel Epin shop.

4. Ecommerce

Select your Airbox Prepaid pack and purchase your pack online.

Fair Usage Policy applicable:

Like all the other residential internet services in the world, our Airbox plans indeed come with specific data allocations, and are governed by a Fair Usage Policy.

Questions and Answers

What is the Airbox Prepaid?
  • The Airbox Prepaid comprises of a router only.
  • The Airbox Prepaid contains a SIM card which is locked to the router.
  • The SIM card allows you to do mainly Data browsing using 3G/HSPA+ networks
  • A desk phone can be connected to the RJ11 port to make/receive calls using the same SIM card
  • SMS can be done through the router interface.
  • No wired connection is required.
  • International roaming service is barred.
  • The service is offered on both prepaid and postpaid services
What is a router?
A router is a device which allows you to connect to the internet. The Emtel router comprises of below features:

  • Data – Upto 21.6 Mbps
  • 1 RJ45 and 4 LAN Ports
  • RJ11: 1 port for CS voice
  • Internal 3G and WiFi antenna
  • External 3G antenna interface
Can I use the SIM card in the router/ desk phone on another device?
No. You are not allowed to remove the SIM cards from the router as it have been only configures to work with the router only and will not work on any other devices. Any other SIM cards will not work on the router also. In case you try to use the sim on another device, the warranty gets void.
What are the specifications of the desk phone?
It is a basic corded phone without CLI (Caller Line Identification)
How many devices can be connected at a time on WiFi?
You can connect up to 10 devices at a time through Wi-Fi. 4 additional devices can be connected through the LAN Ports.
Does the router provide WiFi access?
How to configure the CLI on Panasonic cordless phone Model KX-TG1311B if CLI is not being displayed?
  • Press OK button
  • Scroll down V to setting BS and scroll right > to INPUT CODE
  • Press 3 and then enter pin: 0000
  • Press 4 and press 2
  • Scroll right > to get setting BS again
  • Press power button to return to Main screen
  • Your configuration is done
What are the prices for voice calls?
Voice calls to any other fixed line is Rs 0.60/min and calls to any mobile is Rs 1.45/min
How can I send SMS from my device?
After connecting to internet through the router, launch a web browser and enter in the address bar. Enter the password, and log-in to the web management page. The default password is admin, which can be changed at any time. You can send or receive SMS through this web management page. For any queries, please click on the section on the web management page.
How can I check my balance from my device?
After connecting to internet through the router, launch a web browser and enter in the address bar:

go to ‘My Account’
choose the option ‘check balance’ from the dropdown arrow ‘Service’.
Click on ‘Submit’
What happens if I forget my password for the web management page?
In case you forget the password, you should reset all standard settings for your router. This can be done by pushing the button on the bottom of the router. After doing this, please switch off the router and switch it on, all the standard settings would be restored on your device. The default password would be applicable
How can I restrict the number of devices I want to be connected to the router through WiFi?
You can do that by visiting the section on the web management page. For any further assistance on the web management page, please click on the section on the web management page.
What happens if I stop using the router for several months?
If you stop using the router for several months, your account will be suspended. You will have to bring the router to our store to get the SIM card changed
What documents should I bring to purchase the Airbox Prepaid ?
For Prepaid: You have to bring along your ID card or passport

For Postpaid: You have to bring along your ID card or passport, proof of address (not older than 3 months) and your bank account details

Terms and Conditions

By ordering and/or using the EMTEL Home & Office/Fixed Wireless service (the “EMTEL Home & Office Service” or “this Service”) the Subscriber agrees and accepts fully the terms and conditions as set out herein and in the General Terms and Conditions of Service to the extent that the terms therein are not inconsistent with these special terms and conditions:

1. Airbox Prepaid SERVICE. Airbox Prepaid Service refers to the telecommunication service (voice, data, Value Added Services etc) as provided from time to time by EMTEL via a fixed wireless handsetdevice (“Fixed Wireless Terminal”) connected to EMTEL’s wireless network such as a GSM or 3G network, or such other technology as may be made available by EMTEL from time to time.

2. ENTIRE AGREEMENT/AGREEMENT. Subscriber agrees to be bound by this Agreement and to use the Service in compliance with the terms of this Agreement and with EMTEL’s General Terms and Conditions of Service and acceptable usage policies and any modifications made to same by EMTEL from time to time.


  • 3.1.The EMTEL Home & Office Service consists of a fixed wireless connection. While EMTEL will undertake all reasonable commercial efforts to deliver the stated Service the Subscriber acknowledges that Service speed can vary depending on Internet traffic and other factors beyond the control of EMTEL.
  • 3.2.EMTEL Home & Office Service is powered by a standard electrical connection. If the customer’s electrical connection fails then the Service will be disrupted or will be unavailable.
  • 3.3.Access to services is provided on a “best effort” basis and is reliant on an electrical supply to the Subscriber Equipment (as defined in Section 4 below) and availability of the network. In the circumstance where service is unavailable due to network availability, the Subscriber may terminate the service in writing within 7 days from the time it is first connected on EMTEL’s network, without penalty and with refund of fees paid.
  • 3.4.Subscriber accepts that EMTEL may change or withdraw any element of this Service from time to time and will use reasonable efforts to notify Subscriber of any necessary change in the Services.
  • 3.5.Subscriber acknowledges that internet access using this Service is an “always on” connection to the internet while the Fixed Wireless Terminal is powered on and that it is Subscriber’s SOLE RESPONSIBILITY to install, configure and maintain suitable security measures to protect Subscriber’s computer and other device from unauthorised or malicious access from the internet. Any advice or equipment provided by EMTEL is provided ‘as is’ and EMTEL accepts no responsibility or liability for the security of Subscriber’s systems.
  • 3.6.Both uploads and downloads are taken into consideration for the computation of data usage for the Service.
  • 3.7 EMTEL shall at its discretion and if practicable, use reasonably endeavours to notify the Subscriber at interval where the Subscriber is approaching its credit limit. However it shall be the sole responsibility of the Subscriber to monitor his own usage.
  • 3.8 The EMTEL Home & Office Service is not provided with International Roaming capability. The Subscriber shall not use the EMTEL Home & Office Service for International Roaming Agreement. Breach of this clause will be deemed material and EMTEL shall reserve the right to terminate this Agreement as of right and without any judicial or extra judicial formality.


  • 4.1.Upon entering into this agreement and payment of the relevant fees, the Subscriber shall be provided with the Subscriber Equipment. For the purposes of this Agreement, Subscriber Equipment refers to the Fixed Wireless Terminal and/or Spare Part.
  • 4.2.Subscriber agrees to use the Subscriber Equipment reasonably and in accordance with EMTEL’s instructions and equipment User Guide. In the event where Subscriber Equipment is loaned to Subscriber by EMTEL, that Equipment shall remain the sole property of EMTEL and Subscriber agrees to take reasonable steps to protect the Equipment from damage, loss or theft.
  • 4.3.If EMTEL cannot for any reason recover the Equipment in good condition on demand from Subscriber then Subscriber agrees that he will be immediately liable to pay a replacement fee determined by EMTEL plus applicable taxes.
  • 4.4.Subscriber agrees to notify EMTEL as soon as reasonably possible once he becomes aware of any damage to the equipment or defect in the operation of the equipment by telephoning EMTEL at the numbers or addresses published from time to time.
  • 4.5.Subscriber agrees not to, nor allow any other party to modify, tamper the Equipment. Any evidence of tamper will tantamount to material breach by the Subscriber entitling EMTEL to terminate the Agreement as of right without the need for any judicial or extra judicial formality.
  • 4.6.The Subscriber Equipment is provided with a warranty in accordance with EMTEL’s warranty policy.



LIMITATIONS OF THE EMTEL HOME & OFFICE SERVICE EMTEL Home & Office Service is to be provided between stationary network connecting points and at the address indicated by the Subscriber as the Installation Address provided by the Subscriber on the Tariff and Subscription Details for User. The Subscriber may be charged higher rates and penalty if the Subscriber Equipment is used at place(s) other than the Installation Address. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to inform EMTEL in writing of any change in this address. Apart from the above, the following terms and conditions apply

  • You are not allowed to remove the SIM card from the router
  • The SIM card will not work on any other devices except the router and no other SIM card will work on the router
  • You will get 12 months warrantee on the router
  • Packages are available both in prepaid and postpaid
  • Packages exist in LITE (5 GB) and Unlimited packages (75GB, 100GB and 500GB)
  • You have the option to top up any postpaid package as full package or as prorated.
  • Your account will be suspended if you stop using it for several months. You will have to bring the router to your nearest Emtel showroom to replace the SIM card
  • All SMS sent on 8284 is free of charge