What is Emtel Cash?

Emtel Cash: Another innovation by Emtel which enables you to store, send & receive money using your mobile phone.

Step 1 : Register
  • You must be an Emtel subscriber and have the SIM card registered under your name.

  • Download and fill in the form and visit any Emtel showroom or Retail Agent to complete the registration process.

  • Bring along a copy of your NIC/passport.

  • You will get an SMS Notification for successful registration with a default PIN and a secret word.

  • You dial *110#, change your PIN and you can start transacting.

Step 2 : Five Services for your Convenience.
Cash In any amount as from Rs 50 to Rs 10,000 to be able to use the services.  
(This can be done at any Emtel showroom or Retail Agents as per our Agents’ list.)
  • Recharge your mobile, buy data packages or Internet WIFI for you or any Emtel number.

  • Pay your bills (Emtel/Central Water Authority/Central Electricity Board) at your convenience.

  • Transfer money to someone else.

  • Cash Out money from our Emtel showrooms or any Retail Agent.

  • Pay at a wide range of merchants using your mobile.