What is Voicemail?

Whenever you cannot answer your mobile, your Voicemail can. Voicemail allows your caller to leave a message for you to listen later on. You will be notified by sms that you have received a Voicemail.

Benefits of Voicemail

  • Even if you have missed a call, you can still listen to the message of your caller
  • You have the possibility to call back the person at your convenience
  • Your voice messages are password protected
  • Your Voicemail can be personalised

Voicemail Tariffs

  • No deposit is required to have Voicemail
  • Message retrieval is free for prepaid customers
  • For postpaid tariffs depend on your package

How to activate Voicemail?

  • For prepaid: set your Call Divert feature before you can use Voicemail. Visit your nearest Emtel showroom or call our Customer Care on 8970 to assist you.
  • For postpaid, follow below steps:
    1. From your phone, go to “Menu”, “Phone Settings “, “Call Divert” (Example for Nokia handsets.)
    2. Select “Voice Calls”.
      From there, you can choose in which cases you want to divert your calls. You will be able to choose from:
      - All voice calls
      - If busy
      - If not answered
      - If out of reach
      - If not available
    3. Choose “Activate” and input the Voicemail number 131

You have activated Voicemail, you now need to perform the service set up before being able to use it

How to set up Voicemail for the first time?

  • Dial 131 from your Emtel and follow the instructions.
  • You will have to enter your new Pin Code and press #
    To confirm your Pin code, type it again and press #
  • Record your Voicemail name and press #.
    Example: This is the voicemail of “John”.
    Press * to cancel the operation.
  • You can have different greetings for local and international calls.
    Record your local Voicemail personal greeting message and press #.
    Example: You have reached the Voicemail of John. Please leave a message after the tone.
    Press * to cancel the operation.
  • Record your international Voicemail personal greeting message and press #.
    Example: You have reached the Voicemail of John. Please leave a message after the tone.
    Press * to cancel the operation.

 How to use Voicemail?

  • Dial 131.
    You will be informed of any old or new messages that you might have.
    Follow the voice instructions to listen to your messages or to personalize your Voicemail.
  • Listen to the list of options and choose what action you want to do.
    To listen to your messages, Press 2
    To retrieve your fax messages, Press 3
    To set up a greeting for your Voicemail, Press 4
    To personalize your voicemail, Press 5
    To disconnect the call, hang up or Press *
    For Help, Press 0

How do I know that there’s a message in my mailbox?
When a new message is deposited, you will be alerted via an sms. Simply dial 131 to retrieve your message.

Fax message

You can now have your fax messages sent on your Emtel number. You will be alerted via sms.
1. Someone sends you a fax on your Emtel number
2. You will receive a text message informing you that a fax has arrived.
3. Dial 131. Go through the usual Menu and Press 3.
To retrieve an unprinted fax, Press 1
To retrieve a printed fax, Press 2
For help, Press 0
4. To print your fax message, enter the fax number of your choice and Press #
To confirm your print, Press #
To start printing, Press #

You can choose to always print on the same fax machine or print on different ones, depending on where you are.

Tip: You can go on the personalization option menu to set up a permanent fax number.

Q & A

Is Voicemail available for prepaid and postpaid?
Yes. Both prepaid and postpaid users can use Voicemail.
How will I know that I have received a Voicemail message?
Each time you receive a message, you will be notified by sms. Dial 131 to retrieve your message.