What is Emtel TeamTweet?

Are you a real football fan? Do you have a favourite team and would like to get live news so you do not miss anything? With Emtel TeamTweet get live updates of your favourite team wherever you are!

Benefits of Emtel TeamTweet

  • Follow your favourite team’s matches wherever you are
  • Get live scores directly on your mobile by sms
  • Get live comments during the match by sms
  • Follow as many teams as you like with Emtel TeamTweet

How to use Emtel TeamTweet?

Register by sending REG followed by the code of your favourite team by sms to 8800. For example, send REG CHEL to 8800 if you are a fan of Chelsea.

Different teams are available and you can also register for several teams at the same time. For the complete list of codes, send LIST by sms to 8800.

Arsenal Arsn
Chelsea Chel
Liverpool Liv
Manchester United Manu

Existing customers registered for their favourite teams namely Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, FC Barcelone, Real Madrid will be able to enjoy with live updates from Emtel Teamtweet service till 05th December 2017.

Any new subscriptions for Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, FC Barcelone, Real Madrid will not be available on as from 06th November 2017


  • Incoming sms are FREE
  • Normal sms tariffs apply for all sms sent to 8800
  • Subscription fee is Rs 10/month per team for both prepaid and postpaid

Questions and Answers

How do I register to Emtel TeamTweet?
To register, send REG followed by the code of your team by sms to 8800.For example, if you are a fan of Manchester United, send reg manu by sms to 8800.
Who can use Emtel TeamTweet?
Emtel TeamTweet is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid users.
How will I be billed for this service?
For Postpaid: the amount will be added to your monthly bill.For Prepaid: the amount will be directly deducted from your account.
Is Emtel TeamTweet compatible with any phone model?
All mobile phones are compatible with this service.
Does Emtel TeamTweet work when I’m on ‘roaming’?
How do I check for which teams I have registered?
Send status by sms to 8800.
What happens if I don’t want to follow a match?
Before each match of your team, you will receive an sms informing you of the time the match will start. Reply to this sms by sending SKIP followed by the team’s code to 8800 (before or during the match) so as not to receive any news or comments of what is happening in the match. For example: skip Manu
What happens if I have sent SKIP and that I want to resume the match?
Simply send RESUME followed by your team’s code by sms to 8800 to resume the match at any time before the end. For example: resume Manu
Can I limit the amount and/or set the time of mobile alerts that I receive every day?
Yes. You can manage your mobile alerts on your web Facebook account.
Go to Account > Account Setting > Mobile.
How do I deregister from Emtel TeamTweet?
Send dereg followed by your team’s code by sms to 8800. For example: dereg Manu