Emtel SOS

Talk now, pay later

Text now, pay later

Surf now, pay later

Out of credit? Can’t get a recharge outlet? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Dial *505* with the below codes and we will lend you what you want. You can repay the loan amount at your next top up plus a small service fee applied for the use of the service.

You can also send the specific keyword, see below, on 8505 to activate the service.

Need some credit? No problem! You can borrow:

Amout of credit Dial Keyword on 8505 Validity of credit Repayment Amount
Rs 5 *505*5# SOS 5 24 hours Rs 6
Rs 10 *505*10# SOS 10 24 hours Rs 12
Rs 15 *505*15# SOS 15 Until next day midnight Rs 18
Rs 25* - SOS 25 15 days Rs 29

*Note: Only subscribers with minimum age of more than 6 months on Emtel network are eligible.

Want to finish watching that video but need some more data? Get your data plan right now.

Data Volume Dial Keyword on 8505 Validity of data Repayment Amount
Unlimited 600 MB *505*19# SOS UL 24 hours Rs 19
50 MB SOS 50 MB 24 hours Rs 10.70

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emtel SOS?
This is a service that allows you to request for airtime or data when you have run out of airtime or data and you are expected to pay back on your next recharge.
How do I get to be eligible for this service?
You need to have less than Rs 3 in your account to be eligible for the service, and to request for SOS 25, you need to be a loyal subscriber for at least 6 months.
Can I use this service even when I have no credit?
Yes, you can use the service even your balance is zero. The SMS sent to 8595 is free.
How many times can I use Emtel SOS?
You can use this service as often as you wish provided you have recharge your account by ATM, E-pin or scratch cards or you receive an Easy Transfer of sufficient amount after your last SOS request. 
What can I do with the SOS airtime which I have received?
With the SOS airtime, you can call and SMS on Emtel networks as well as towards other local operators.
If I am not eligible for an SOS 25, can I still request for the other SOS denominations?
Yes, you can still request for another SOS denomination provided that your balance is less than Rs 3 and you have already recharged your account after any previous SOS request.
I have requested for an SOS but got a message informing me that I am not eligible?
This may happen for 2 reasons:
  • You have an unpaid loan. You must settle this first before requesting again.
  • If you have requested for an SOS 25, it might be that you have just joined the network recently thus not meeting the minimum age in network of 6 months.
What happens if I receive an easy transfer and I had taken an SOS previously?
The SOS loan will be recovered.
Can I borrow more than once without repaying for the first loan?
No, you must first repay the first loan before being eligible for another.
Will I be charged when sending the keyword to request the service?
No, SMS sent to request the service is not chargeable. Upon recharge of your account, you will be charged the below service fee:
  • Rs 1 for SOS 5;
  • Rs 2 for SOS 10;
  • Rs 3 for SOS 15;
  • Rs 4 for SOS 25:
  • Rs 2 for SOS 50 MB;
  • Rs 2.48 for SOS UL 600
How do I use the service?
No, you must first repay the first loan before being eligible for another.
Either dial:
  • *505*5# for Rs 5;
  • *505*10# for Rs 10;
  • *505*15# for Rs 15;
  • *505*19# for Unlimited 600 MB

Or send:
  • SOS 5 to 8505 for Rs 5;
  • SOS 10 to 8505 for Rs 10;
  • SOS 15 to 8505 for Rs 15;
  • SOS 25 to 8505 for Rs 25;
  • SOS 50 MB to 8505 for 50 MB;
  • SOS UL to 8505 for Unlimited 600 MB