International VPN

International Private Line

Emtel brings you a dedicated end-to-end International Private Line (IPL) with connectivity between Mauritius and locations around the world to securely transfer voice, video and data with the firm knowledge that your access is backed by our reliable service, route diversity and market-leading service level guarantees.  You can count on us to conceive, supervise and manage a truly seamless global network for you.

We offer customized capacity solutions focused on providing comprehensive global access, targeted towards high end corporate customers, call centers and multi-national enterprises operating in Mauritius.This service will be fulfilled in association with our global partners.

  • Dedicated connectivity with any global location

  • Flexible and scalable to meet your varying needs

Access Options:
  • Access available for Voice / Video and other data transfer requirements

Dedicated Help Desk:
  • Offers real-time technical assistance to your queries and concerns

Service Level Agreement (SLA):
  • Commitments in terms of uptime, speed, packet loss protection and latency
IPL Offer Monthly Rental(USD) per month- Exclu VAT
2 Mbps 1,850
4 Mbps 3,200
6 Mbps 5,100
Real-time Monitoring:
  • 24/7 monitoring of customer links through Network Monitoring System

  • Multiple plans with 100% guaranteed speeds

Secure Connection:
  • Offers you a high level of security for your data end to end


For additional information please email us on: or give us a call on 5498 4444