Business internet to cater for your Organisation’s needs

The Emtel Internet Service provides superior assured experience of connectivity to the internet world. We provide you with a solution which is reliable, scalable and secure – through redundant paths over the Emtel local backbone and international links.

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At Emtel Business, we provide cyber security solutions that cover multiple layers in order to meet your specific needs. It is not uncommon for enterprises to concentrate their security efforts on a single entry point, which can leave vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit with ease. It is therefore fundamental to secure your entire infrastructure to minimise risk and prevent potentially disastrous outcomes.



Empower your Business with Next-Gen Security




next gen security

Guaranteed bandwidth Internet services

  • Dedicated

    • Dedicated bandwidth with symmetrical speeds according to your business needs.
  • Fixed IP

    • Inclusive Static IP address
  • Redundancy

    • Route diversity and resiliency on Emtel backbone and international pipe
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    • Commitments in terms on uptime, bandwidth, packet loss protection and latency.
  • Flexible

    • Allows customers to choose a plan according to their needs.
  • Performance Management System

    • Live viewing and history of quality of service so as to ensure optimal performance
  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Your service will be monitored 24/7.

  • Enterprise Help Desk

    24/7 assistance by a dedicated technical team.

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Classic Browsing

Emtel provide a best effort service to cater for your business at an affordable price.

  • Best Effort Service

    Allows customer choose a best effort service according to the bandwidth they need.

  • Scalable Bandwidth

    We offers a wide range of connection speed which allows your connection to grow together with your business.

  • Symmetrical Bandwidth

    Ensure that your download/upload speeds are the same.

  • Redundancy

    Redundant path and resiliency towards Emtel Backbone and International Pipe

  • Support

    24/7 Enterprise Helpdesk to assess your queries delivering peace of mind for your classic browsing plans