Emtel SMS Based Solution

Emtel provides best in class Bulk SMS communication solutions with which organizations can communicate with customers more effectively with simple integration.

Organizations can provide timely, personalized information through SMS based alerts, notifications, one-time passcodes (OTP) and other automated messages
directly from websites or mobile app with custom solutions tailor made for your need and organizations.

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Use Emtel Bulk Messaging for :

  • Easier to Integrate

    You can easily integrate the Emtel Bulk SMS in your current ecosystem

  • QoS & Support

    Emtel being a service provider has direct integrations providing best in class QOS , Low Latency & Support

  • Reach and engage more users

    Communicate directly to your customers

  • Grow the business

    Provide personalized information to customers right at the time they need

Available Solution

We support widely accepted GSM protocols.

  • HTTPS API Solution

  • SMPP Link

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