Through our range of business communications solutions, Emtel will help your organization to communicate and collaborate within and beyond your organization. It delivers reliable, secure and cost-effective means of communications.

Emtel provides a range of voice services which ranges from Voice Services and Cloud PABX.

Special Postpaid Broadband Offer Bundled with Voice for Enterprise.

Unified Communication

Elevate your business communications to the cloud with a flexible, cost-effective, software-as- a-service offer.

Designed for enterprises of any size, the Emtel Cloud PABX digitally transforms your business. Flexible, secure and comprehensive, this product is deployed on a Carrier-Grade cloud hosted in Emtel’s highly available Data Center.

Unified communication

Features & Benefits

  • Cost predictions

    • Reduce upfront investments.
    • Pay for software licenses from OPEX budget for more cost predictability
    • Handsets can be offered on an OPEX or CAPEX model
    • Inter-site communication over extension are free of charge
    • Additional charges only for voice calls to external parties over SIP
  • Scalability

    • No need to predict the future and oversize your PBX.
    • Add as many new users as required, as your business grows. Our offer is a Pay-As-You-Grow model
  • Access to an expert team

    • You will benefit from Emtel’s team of experts
    • No need to invest in in-house IT staff training to support your PBX solution. Emtel takes care of everything
  • Free Software upgrades

    • You will benefit from all new patch upgrades
  • Productivity boost

    Offer a faster business response to teams and customers with state-of-the-art business communication

PABX server is locally hosted in Emtel Data Centre.

Quality voice communications with high quality audio.

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