Benefit from a locally hosted Cloud infrastructure for a fast setup

Move your physical IT infrastructure to a Telco Grade Cloud and benefit from its scalability, high availability and lower latency.

Emtel cloud services provides your organization with cutting edge technologies by lowering investment cost and prioritizing remote access to applications and data. No need to own a massive IT infrastructure to have a technological edge.

Features & Benefits

  • Service Models

    • Infrastructure as a services (IaaS) on a PAYG model
    • Scalable as per your evolving needs
  • Location

    • Cloud hosted locally in Emtel Data Center
  • Supports business growth

    • A scalable service that will adapt to your business growth
  • Managed Services

    • End-to-end management of the service.
    • Migration from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud
    • 24/7 Monitoring (Availability and Security)
  • Connectivity

    • Emtel provides adequate bandwidth as per customer demand
  • Security

    • Offers a high level of security for your data
  • Data Protection

    • You know where your data is stored and Tailor-made solution