Through our range of business communications solutions, Emtel will help your organization to communicate and collaborate within and beyond your organization. It delivers reliable, secure and cost-effective means of communications. Emtel provides a range of voice services which ranges from Voice Services and Cloud PABX.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost Optimisation

    • More savings due to the flexible configuration options
    • Competitive Local and international call rates
  • Configuration options

    • One way / both ways calling
    • Call barring
    • Calls to other local operators (Fixed or Mobile)
    • Calls to other international operators (Fixed or Mobile) - International
    • Long Distance
  • Scalable for different no. of channels and DID block numbers

    • Be able to make simultaneous calls
    • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) - Multiples of DIDs in blocks of 10 numbers available.
    • Flexible channels capacity and simultaneous calls per line.
  • Security

    • Secure and reliable telephony system for organizations with one or multiple sites.