Lift and Shift Migration

The Lift and Shift Migration service is an optional service provided to customers moving to an Emtel Data Centre.

In collaboration with our partner Currimjee Informatics Ltd.

Activities involved in the Lift and Shift Migration:

  • Pre-relocation

    • On-site survey for IT equipment inventory
    • Verification for any faults excluding operating systems and applications
    • Documenting list of equipment to be relocated
    • Labelling of equipment and network cabling connections
  • Relocation – Customer Site

    • Proper reboot / shutdown of equipment by Customer in presence of Emtel Engineers
    • Hardware verification for any fault after reboot
    • Un-racking of equipment
    • Packing of equipment
    • Loading and transport of equipment
    • Option for insurance cover of hardware is available
    • Option for security escort during transfer of equipment is available
  • Relocation – Emtel Data Centre

    • Unloading and un-boxing of equipment
    • Racking of equipment as per customer requirements
    • Network and power cabling
  • Post-relocation

    • Power on of equipment
    • Hardware verification for any faults
    • Verification of Operating Systems and Applications by the customer