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What is TamTam Sms?

Keep yourself up to date with TamTam Sms anywhere, anytime! With TamTam Sms you can receive daily sms on all your favourite topics.

A wide range of info ranging from news, sports, jokes, forex, astrology and much more are just an sms away.

How to use TamTam Sms?

Send the code of your favourite topic by sms to 333 and you will receive the info instantly.

To get the list of all the topics available and their corresponding codes, send tamtam by sms to 333.


All sms sent to 333 cost Rs 1.00/sms for both prepaid and postpaid users

Questions and Answers

How do I get all the codes available on TamTam Sms?
To get the list of all codes, send tamtam by sms to 333.
Is TamTam Sms the same price as a normal sms?
No. TamTam Sms is billed Rs 1.00/sms. A normal sms costs Rs0.70/sms for prepaid and Rs0.50 for postpaid.

What is Funfone 444?

With Funfone 444 get a great range of picture messages, logos, themes (animals, cartoons, greetings, love etc) and cool ring tones (Bollywood and Hollywood) for your mobile.

How to use Funfone 444?

Send the corresponding code by sms to 444 and download funky ring tones, logos and picture messages that match your personality and style!

All codes are available on the Emtel Fun portal.

Available on Nokia handsets only.


All sms sent to 444 cost Rs 2.50/sms for both prepaid and postpaid users.

What is Emtel Chat 777?

Feeling bored and lonely? With Emtel Chat 777 meet hundreds of people and make new friends. Chat incognito with hundreds of people across Mauritius and Rodrigues. Unlimited fun and excitement are at your fingertips!

How to use Emtel Chat 777?

First you have to register to the service and then simply log in to access a chat room. You have upto 30 chat rooms available. Different options are available. Send the corresponding code by sms to 777.

ActionCodes to be sent to 777Example
To register a user R R sweetboy 1234
To login as a user L L sweetboy 1234
To view a list of all chat rooms RL RL
To join in a room J J1
To view members in the room you are in RM RM
To create your own profile CP CP 20 m
To view a user profile VP VP nicegirl
To send a message to all users in a room A A Hi there! Wanna chat?
To send private message to one user P P nicegirl Hi there! How r U?
To send private message to more than one user , (n users separated by comma) P beauty, beast Hi guys! Wanna chat?
To block a user BL BL lou
To unblock a user UNB UNB
To logout E E
To delete your nick D D sweetboy 1234
To Create a private room CPR CPR dating
To see room members in a private room RMP CPR dating
To invite in private room IN , (n users separated by comma) IN shania,jenny
To join a private room JPR JPR dating
To send message to all users in private room AP AP Hi guys! Welcome to my room
To return to public room RT RT

If you have sim intelligent menu:
If your sim card has an integrated intelligent menu, you can directly use the sub menus as follows:
Register to the service
Send message
View member
Join room
E.g. To register, use the sub-menu ‘register’, write your
nickpassword. Click on ‘Send’.


Normal sms tariffs for all sms sent to 777

Questions and Answers

How many chat rooms are there?
There are 30 chat rooms with topics to suit your tastes and moods: Romance, Teens, Adults, Music, Movies, Sports, Racing, Gossip, Girls Only and many more!
How many users can chat in 1 chat room?
Up to 10 users can chat in one room. The 11th user who logs in will be automatically directed to another chat room of the same category.
Can I change my nick name?
You can change your nick name as many times as you wish.
Who can use Emtel Chat 777?
This service is available to all prepaid and postpaid users, and is to be used exclusively on a mobile phone.
What will happen if I don’t chat for some time?
You will be automatically logged off after 10 minutes.
How do I get help by sms?
Send HELP to 777
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