Is my personal information secure on the Website?
All information is transmitted through secured protocols (Secured Socket Layer), one of the most widely used and secured protocols on the web. Your password is also required to access your personal information. Do not share your password with anyone.
What cards are accepted for the payment?
All VISA and MasterCard Credit Cards as well as Prepaid Cards
Can anyone do a payment on the Website?
You need to register first to be able to transact on the Website. This registration process is important for security reasons as you will be allocated a password and your email address will be used as the username.
How safe is it to buy on the Emtel Website?
It is very safe to transact on the Website. Emtel doesn’t keep any credit card information. Payments are processed by an accredited Payment Service Provider which is PCI DSS certified by the Credit Card Association. The payment communication is encrypted. CIM Finance will be processing the payment approval.
How do I know the transaction is successful?
You will get a notification on the screen and an email, both for a successful and unsuccessful transaction.
Do I get a receipt for all payment?
For bill payment and purchase of devices, an electronic receipt will be sent by email. On delivery or pick up of your device, you will get an official receipt. For recharge services, a notification will be sent by email, with a unique transaction ID for each transaction. 
What happens if I put the wrong amount or mobile number?
Customers will have a summary prompt of each transaction on the screen before the payment page to allow for a final verification before initiating the payment.
How much does it cost for shipping?
Shipping is FREE!
How long does it take to deliver my mobile?
Your device will be delivered within 2 business days.
What if my payment does not go through?
If your payment does not go through, make sure you have not made any mistake when entering your payment details or that you have not overdrawn the limit on your credit card. Once you have ensured this and the problem still persists, kindly contact us on 8970 or send us a message by selecting the contact us tab on the top right hand corner of your page.
What is the return policy?
Returns will be accepted if there is any defect in the product and the product is still under warranty.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
Visit the sign in page and select ‘forgot your password’. You will be prompted to enter your mail to receive a new activation link..