Emtel Fixed Voice Service

A cost-effective fixed voice service

The Emtel Fixed voice service helps you communicate and collaborate within and beyond your organisation. It delivers reliable, secure and cost-effective means of fixed voice communications.

Cost Optimisation

More savings due to the flexible configuration options.

Configuration options
  • One-way calling.
  • Two-way calling.
  • Call barring.


Reliable and secure connection.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Multiples of DIDs in blocks of 10 numbers available.


Flexible channels capacity and simultaneous calls per line.

Dedicated Help desk

Offers 24/7 technical assistance to your queries and concerns.

Cost Optimisation:
  • More savings due to the flexible configuration options

  • Reliable and secure connection via our advanced fibre optic and wireless network

Capacity Options:
  • 15/20/30 or higher in multiples of 30

Configuration Options:
  • One way & both ways calling
  • Call barring
  • Call hunting
  • Competitive international call rates

Installation Fee and Monthly Rental Tariff

PRI Channel TypeNumber of ChannelsOne-Time Installation Fee (Rs)Monthly Rental (Rs)
Incoming & Outgoing 15 15,000 4,000
20 15,000 4,500
30 15,000 5,400
Incoming Only 15 15,000 2,700
20 15,000 3,000
30 15,000 3,600

* All Prices exclusive of VAT

Local Calls Tariffs

Local Call Tariffs
Calls to any Fixed line 60 cents per minute
Calls to any Mobile phones Rs. 1.45 per minute

* All Prices exclusive of VAT

International Tariffs

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Contact Us

For additional information please email us on: emtel.business@emtel.com or give us a call on 5498 4444