Email to SMS

What is Email to SMS?

Emtel Email to SMS enables you to send an SMS though your email as well as to send an email from your Emtel mobile through SMS.


  • Send an SMS directly from your email.
  • Send an email from your Emtel Mobile through SMS even when not connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet.
  • Service available 24/7.

How to use Email to SMS?

To send an SMS from your email

Send the email to <Recipient Emtel Number>
For example:
Please send your email in plain text format.
Your correspondent will receive your email on his mobile as an SMS

To send an email from SMS

Send Email Address (Subject) Text by SMS to 1111.
For example: Send “ (Hello) How are you?” to 1111


Normal SMS tariffs apply for all SMS sent to 1111

Questions and Answers

Who can use Email to SMS Service?
All Emtel Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can use the service.
How much does it cost?
Sending an SMS from your email is free.
Normal SMS tariffs will apply when sending an SMS to 1111.