Data Centre

Why a Data Centre?

Data centre: Your Business continuity solutions that sustain the future of the your organization.

Interruptions, accidents, fire, floods, riots, sabotage acts… the risks to business are enormous, especially in today’s world where 90% of Data is being stored and processed in digital form.

More than ever, your business needs to be readily prepared when disaster strikes! The Emtel Data Centre is the answer to protecting and safeguarding business.

It is a 24/7 facility with resilient and redundant security, power, cooling and connectivity to safeguard data and to be always online. More than protection, it offers peace of mind.

Network Connectivity:
  • Global with LION2 cable system
  • Local with gigabit local ring

  • Dual generator (2 X500KVA)
  • Dual 1MW HT Grid Transformers
  • Concrete structure & ancillaries


Tier 3 compliant with 99.982% availability

  • 24/7 dedicated facility with resilient and redundant security
  • Sophisticated automatic fire protection with multi-zoned detectors
  • Controlled access per TIA requirement

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Committed SLA to ensure low latency and least possible downtime

Business Continuity and Disaster Management:

Recovering your valuable data in the event of any disaster / unforeseen circumstances

Safe and Secure:

Helps protect your enterprise data and offers peace of mind

24/7 Monitoring:

Access to Performance of the links and data speeds around the clock

Fibre Backbone:

The nation-wide fibre ring complemented with the global under-sea fibre connectivity ensures data transfer rates meet your requirements

Cost Optimization:

Lower upfront and ongoing capital expenditure

Reduced IT Investments:

All services are managed by us, thereby reducing your expenses on IT resources

To ensure your optimal Disaster Recovery services, we offer WAR Solutions. Should there be any unforeseen incident, your teams will be able to operate immediately from our WAR premises.

These premises are fully integrated with secure and high-speed internet access. They offer world-class business environment and can be operational in a matter of hours.

These facilities have access to cafeteria, free parking and washroom amidst safe and secure locations.

Customers have a choice of fully exclusive/dedicated or shared workspace environment to facilitate business continuity.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System)

Energy Efficient Data Centre

ISO 9001:2008(Quality Management System)

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