Emtel Cloud Services


Transform your business processes and unlock the true potential of your organisation

The Emtel Cloud Service offers tailor-made solutions that best fit your business needs while removing the operational hassle. Moreover, this helps to increase your revenue, decrease operating expenses and enhance your business dexterity.

Cloud Computing

Remote Service and Parameters:
  • Displaying up-to-date operational status of machines and facilities

Online Analysis of Operating Data:
  • Machine configurations available anywhere and anytime

  • Eliminate the need for physical site visits to check asset condition

No Server or Hosting Costs:
  • Software and hosting, costs and resources savings

Unlimited Scalability:
  • No limit to the number of assets you can monitor
Network Monitoring System Integration:
  • Platform to provide complete end-to-end remote monitoring and control solutions

Internet of Things:
  • Rapid access to M2M services

Hosted PBX

Unified Messaging:
  • Get messages from your phone, PC or on another PC using the web portal

Pay As You Go:
  • Pay only for the phones you need and add them one at a time
Direct Inward Dialling (DID):
  • With DID, every phone in your business has its own dedicated phone number

Web Portal:
  • Hosted PBX systems include a web portal that let you manage messages and configure your phone from any web browser

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