Backup Internet

Backup Internet

Emtel Backup Internet Services provide back-up internet link with superior & assured experience of connectivity to the Internet cloud in the event of main link failure. This provides highly cost effective, truly diverse routed connectivity that is a genuine alternative failover option. Every backup link is monitored by our Network Monitoring System every minute, giving the assurance that it will be there when you need it.


  1. Guaranteed Bandwidth
    Enjoy flexibility to choose from symmetrical backup internet connection with usage up to maximum of 7 days a month.
  2. Competitive Prices
    Cost effective solution to mitigate business risk associated with your main link going down. Value for money & priced much lesser than the cost of the main link.
  3. Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    SLA based service & assures quality of service in terms of uptime, speed, packet loss & latency.
  4. Monitoring
    24/7 monitoring of customer links through network monitoring system.
  5. Multiple Speed
    Scalable connections available.
  6. Customer support
    Dedicated Enterprise Helpdesk for prompt technical assistance.
  7. IP addresses
    Fixed IP addresses are provided with ALL Backup Internet service plans.


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