Mobile Internet


What is Mobile Internet?

You can access internet on your mobile/handheld devices such as your mobile phone, laptop or your tablet at your convenience, wherever you are and anytime you like.

How to use Mobile Internet
mobile dongle tablet

 Benefits of Mobile Internet

  • Fast and easy access to thousands of websites
  • You have got access to your webmail account whenever you want – login to Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!
  • Addicted to Facebook? Change your status or see what your friends are up to on your mobile.
  • Different web packages to choose from

 Postpaid Packages

Web packs as per your needs now available! Visit any showroom and buy yours Now!

Available Packages Price (Inc. VAT) Validity Excess
Web pack
(Inc. VAT)
Monthly Web Pack
Monthly 500MB Rs 249 1 calendar month Rs 2.53
Monthly 1GB Rs 349
Monthly 2GB Rs 649
Monthly 3GB Rs 849
Monthly 5GB Rs 1,249
Monthly 10GB Rs 1,999