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Your Roaming Tariff

Where are you travelling? To check our simple and competitive tariffs, just select the country you are visiting in table 1 below (list of countries per zone) and check the tariffs in table 2. Table 1: List of Countries per Zone Zones Countries Africa Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cap Verde, Central..

Emtel Wingle

Create your own WiFi zone anywhere with Emtel Wingle Simply plug in any USB powered port Connects up to 10 WiFi devices Connect to USB car charger for in-car WiFi For home, office or on the move Tariffs Postpaid  Rs 1,499 (incl. VAT) with 3GB FREE mobile internet for the first month Prepaid  Rs 1,699..

Emtel Wifi Internet

Enjoy a very fast 4G browsing experience with Emtel! Emtel NOW provides you with ideal 4G Home and Office internet solutions. You can browse internet with multiple devices (up to 32 devices) simultaneously with very high speed internet via WiFi, download HD videos, view real time videos and so much more. Features of Emtel LTE..

EMTEL *100#

Want to access Emtel services? Simple and Easy!!! Dial ONE single command, i.e. *100# and get to access to Emtel Services HANDY on your phone screen. You just need follow the instructions on the screen and choose your service for FREE! Main services available: Check your  airtime and package balance Recharge your prepaid account Buy..

EmtelNews App

What is EmtelNews? EmtelNews brings the best of local news in Mauritius from leading newspapers on a single app, thereby eliminating the need to open different browsers to read on-line news. All this with great User Experience and Interface. Download How to use? Step 1: depending on your mobile make, go to either Google Play..

ILD Test

Prepaid International Calling Directly from your Number Enjoy crystal-clear voice communication with Emtel when you call any country in the world from Mauritius, Rodrigues or Agalega. Simply dial your correspondent’s number with your Emtel and talk at competitive rates. To enjoy the same privileged tariffs with your landline or with any other local network operator,..

Emtel Round The World Challenge

What is Emtel Round The World Challenge? Emtel Round The World Challenge In the steps of FG&P, [Phileas Fogg & Passport] Emtel is sending its own PF&P for a RTW trip in 35 days. Twice a week, [Wednesday and Sunday], Emtel will post a photo of a landmark on its Facebook page and the challenge..

Turftweet Disclaimer

Emtel Turftweet Disclaimer Emtel Turftweet Service is a value-added service provided by Emtel whereby the User receives Horse Racing News and LIVE Horse Racing Results via Push SMS. Emtel makes no warranty with regards to this Service and disclaims any warranty (whether express or implied) regarding this Service including informational content, the results to be..


Horse racing results and news live on your Emtel! How to register to Emtel TurfTweet? Simply send REG by SMS to 8558 and receive Live Results & News updates automatically every week. No need for you to send requests by SMS each time.

YOLO15 By Emtel

What is YOLO15 by Emtel? YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. Looking to save some money and still stay connected the way you want? Now you can do whatever you want with YOLO15 by Emtel. For just Rs 15 per day, you get 15 local SMS, 15 minutes call to Emtel and 15 MB..