We Care

Our Sustainability Commitment

Through leadership, staff involvement and effective management, we shall:

  • Endeavour to preserve the environment and manage our operations in a sustainable manner for the wellbeing of future generations.
  • Consider environment and sustainability aspects as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.
  • Continually monitor and improve our environmental performance and support customers’, employees’, partners’, and other stakeholders’ environment and sustainability progress.

Emtel Ltd works in close collaboration with the Currimjee Foundation.

We Care… for the Environment

Emtel Ltd, as a responsible and forward-looking organization in the Republic of Mauritius, cares for the sustainable development and wellbeing of present and future generations by endorsing best environmental practices.

  • Environmental Practices
  • Supporting Environmental Causes

Green Practices at Emtel / How Green is Emtel?

Emtel for Green Technology : We adopt the best performing and environmentally sound technology.

Emtel for Green Energy : We optimise our existing sources of energy and strive to reduce our carbon footprint through renewable alternatives.

Emtel for Green Connectivity : We ensure that our infrastructures are in harmony with nature and ecological aspects.

Emtel for Green Resources : We aim to protect and preserve the planet’s resources by re-using, reducing and recycling.

Emtel for Green Citizenship : We create green awareness at all levels to achieve responsible behaviour and practices.

Emtel for Green Standards : We consistently adhere to best environmental principles, norms and conventions.

Emtel ensures:

  • Green procurement.
  • Responsible use of resources (paper, water, electricity and fuel).
  • Waste minimisation and recycling (including e-waste and plastics).

E-Site Agalega:

The E-site is a base station in Agalega which is fully powered by solar energy. Batteries are used as backup.

Collection of batteries

Every showroom has battery collection boxes where all kinds of used batteries can be discarded for recycling. The public is invited to use this facility.

Labelling of Plants and Embellishing at EmtelWorld

Emtel contributes to the protection of our native biodiversity and embellishment of the environment through our garden at EmtelWorld. Several endemic and native plants, namely Bois d'Ébène, Bois d’Olive, Lys du Pays, Vacoas, Bois de rat, Bois de chandelle and the national flower, Boucle d’Oreille can be found in our garden. All these plants are labelled to promote awareness on the environment.

Emtel CSR: "Let's Do it Mauritius" 2017

Emtel, in collaboration with ANPRAS, officially launched the “Let’s Do It Mauritius” 2017 Campaign on 31st August at EmtelWorld, in the presence of Hon. Yogida Sawmynaden (Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation).

This campaign will span over the coming weeks with the main objective to combat illegal dumping while raising public awareness on the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.

On this occasion, several initiatives were launched namely:

  • The TRASHOUT App which will be used to locate and report all illegal dumps. DOWNLOAD TRASHOUT APP
  • The Let’s do it Mauritius Challenge which is the first national cleanup competition, is open from 1st to 30th Sept 2017 for various categories covering the whole population. (LDIM Website), & to further support this campaign a local activity
  • “Let’s Clean Up Ebene” which was held on Friday 8th September.

This grand CleanUp activity saw the participation of over 150 volunteers including some 40 staff from Emtel, key stakeholders, organisations and residents of the Ebene region.

The half-day activity was coordinated by the Belle Verte team

Celebrating World Environment Day at Emtel 

It has become a tradition to celebrate the World Environment Day (WED) with our staff and stakeholders and this year’s 5th of June has been no exception. Through the various initiatives already accomplished and those which are in the pipeline, Emtel is noted to be in line with this year’s theme of “Connecting People to Nature”. Our engagement towards the environment has been further enhanced by Emtel’s collaboration with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) and Mission Verte. It is worth pointing out that Emtel has previously organised several staff participative activities with the MWF at Ile Aux Aigrettes and with Mission Verte, a Talk on Environment Conservation was held beginning of this year. 

Our partnership with MWF comprised of “Conservation and Protection” of three endangered species namely Pink Pigeon, Aldabra Giant Tortoise and Ornate Day Gecko found on Ile Aux Aigrettes. This partnership will focus on education and awareness around these 3 endangered species, including an education pack and an activity tour on Ile Aux Aigrettes for Emtel staff. 

Our second collaboration consisted of support in the operations of Mission Verte’s recycling initiatives, including the placement of 2 bins at Emtel office for the collection of plastic, aluminium cans, paper and carton for recycling purposes. Staff were also encouraged to make use of these bins.

Moreover this year Emtel will also support Mission Verte on the 'Education and Awareness' campaign on recycling, in a total of 24 schools and institutions. This will be carried out through educational conferences and distribution of educational materials. 

The WED celebration was concluded with a “Clear Desk & Clean Office Day” held on 9th June for all Emtel offices. All staff were requested to clean up their offices.  All office desk bins were converted to only paper & plastic bins as from that day; hence ensuring more paper are recycled.

Emtel CSR: Earth Day

Emtel Ltd in collaboration with Belle Verte Ltée and the Students’ Union of the University of Mauritius (UoM) celebrated the Earth Day on the 21st of April 2017. Earth Day is an annual event, with events held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year’s theme is “Environmental & Climate Literacy”. As such Emtel has partnered with the Students’ Union of UoM to promote literacy among the students and build a greener Mauritius. Belle Verte which is a social enterprise in the recycling industry, coordinated the activity under Emtel’s supervision.

Several activities were held on the campus of the University of Mauritius. From the Clean Up Activity, a total of ±155kgs of wastes was collected within 1 hour, out of which ±90kgs were recyclables. An exhibition was done by local NGOs on environmental issues. Through the planting of 27 endemic plants on this occasion, a ‘living’ laboratory was created for research purpose of the students. There was also a distribution of endemic plants to students who participated in the Clean Up. Moreover a set of 3 bins for plastics, aluminium/metal cans and paper/cartons was supplied to the university.

The 2nd half of the day was dedicated to Emtel staff where a Talk on Environment Conservation and Waste Disposal was conducted by Mission Verte (local NGO). 100 endemic plants were distributed to the participants of the Talk.

CSR: Annual Blood Donation

On Thursday 30th March 2017, Emtel partnered up with the Mauritius Blood Donors Association at EmtelWorld’s office, Ebene Cybercity and at Ebene Commercial Centre, for a Blood Donation event. Since 2014, the blood donation activity has become an annual event at Emtel, hence nurturing a sustainable relationship with the Mauritius Blood Donors Association.

An informative session for staff was conducted prior to the main event on the importance of donating blood. Emtel had the support of the other organisations operating in the Ebene Cybercity.

This year’s activity was successfully conducted with 132 pints collected; a well appreciated effort by the representatives of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life.

Environment: Earth Hour 2017

Emtel was one of the partners for the Earth-Hour 2017 in collaboration with ANPRAS (local representative of the Earth Hour). This event is held yearly where all citizens across the globe are requested to switch off non-essential lights. This year the official “On The Night Mauritius Event” for the Earth Hour celebration was held on Saturday 25th March 2017 at Floreal.

On this occasion, the signages, building and yard lights in our main offices, including EmtelWorld, Boundary and Data Centre were turned off. Emtel staff were invited to participate on a personal level. SMS were sent to around 300, 000 of our customers to request their participation in this event. This event was also promoted with our stakeholders and NGOs with whom we have worked. The social media pages were used as additional tools to invite our fans/customers to participate in this initiative.

Clean Up the World

Emtel has partnered with Belle Verte to celebrate the “Clean Up The World” initiative on Friday 16th September 2016. Two main activities were organised on this occasion, namely:

  • Clean-Up EmtelWorld, whereby Emtel staff were invited to do some housekeeping of their own office areas and filing cabinets, and
  • Clean-Up Ebene, where a team of Emtel staff volunteered to clean the Ebene Cybercity region with the support and guidance of members of Belle Verte Ltée.

The results were astonishing: more than 400kgs of wastes were collected following this clean-up activity, of which 195kgs of paper, 59kgs of plastic and 31kgs of metal were sent for recycling through Mission Verte.

“Clean Up The World” is an international event celebrated on the third weekend of September with the aim of inspiring and empowering the community to carry out activities that address environmental issues and bring about a global environmental change.

Belle Verte Ltée and Mission Verte are organisations committed to the embellishment of the country and to the proper disposal and recycling of wastes.

Set-Up of a Community Disaster Response Team in Agalega

As part of its CSR programme, Emtel always strives to take into consideration Rodrigues and Agalega also. This year, Emtel is supporting the Mauritius Red Cross Society (MRCS) to set up a Disaster Response Team in Agalega. The aim of the project is to increase the preparation and response capacity of the population of Agalega; a region prone to cyclones and tidal waves. The team of trainers, consisting of members of the MRCS, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Centre (NDRRMC), the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Services, the National Coast Guard (NCG) and the Special Mobile Force (SMF) set sail on the 19th September 2016 for Agalega. The training sessions, tools and equipment will be delivered on the 21st- 24th September 2016, prior to the start of the cyclonic season. The Community Disaster Response Team will comprise of 30 people and will thus be able to provide first-aid assistance and alleviate the number of casualties and death toll in the event of a disaster in Agalega.

The MRCS is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; an organisation founded to protect human life and health, ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness is one of the main areas of intervention of the MRCS.

On the picture:
From left to right: Astic Runglall (Deputy Disaster Management Coordinator - MRCS), Shezaad Auchoybur (Manager – Organisational Effectiveness - Emtel), Caporal Wessley Coulon (GIPM), Navin Mahadoo (Programmes/Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Coordinator - MRCS), Nomeswar Bheekharry (Station Officer - MFRS), Shivan Bhogun (Team Member - Organisational Effectiveness -Emtel) and Ravi Mungra (Chief Inspector - NRRMC).

Emtel CSR: Grande Montagne Nature Reserve Restoration Project

To reinforce its commitment to environment protection and sustainable development, Emtel has sponsored the Grande Montagne Nature Reserve Restoration Project of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) in Rodrigues. The donation ceremony was held at the Grande Montagne Nature Reserve in the presence of Emtel’s CEO, Mr. Teddy Bhullar, and the children, teachers and representatives from the Trevor Huddleston School on the 22nd July 2016. The ceremony was followed by an educational activity whereby all guests were invited to plant 300 endemic plants in an “Emtel Plot”. The events were part of the celebrations for Emtel’s 10th Anniversary in Rodrigues.

The main objectives of the project are to create a viable long-term safeguard for unique plants and animals, engage the local population in conservation, and improve the visitor experience. The MWF has been working in Rodrigues for more than 20 years and 25.5 Ha of forest has already been restored at Grande Montagne with more than 141,500 plants planted. The forest is a refuge for 40 rare Rodriguan plant species and the surviving endemic animals and insects of the island.

Celebrating World Environment Day at Emtel

Emtel celebrated the World Environment Day (WED) with a series of activities alongside staff and stakeholders. The activities started with creating staff awareness on the importance of protecting the environment through simple daily actions at the workplace as well as at home. We also had two staff participative programs on Ile Aux Aigrettes, whereby a total of 60 staffs participated in the weeding and potting activities. We invited our customers by SMS to celebrate the WED through their personal contribution and launched the “We Care” page on our corporate website to showcase our commitment towards the Environment, while outlining all our efforts to implement sustainability practices in our workplace.

The official celebration of the WED was held on Friday 2nd of June, and the main activity was the plantation of endemic saplings in EmtelWorld premises by our CEO, Mr. Teddy Bhullar, and our guests present to celebrate with us: Mr. Jerry Liu (Managing Director of Huawei Technologies (Mauritius) Ltd), Mr David Marjolin (Group IT Manager of Alteo), Ms Vina Ramdour, Marketing Manager of BPML and Mr. Shakill Ramtohul (Emtel Distributor in Plaines Wilhems). On this special occasion, saplings of the Ebony Tree were planted as a symbol of the Ebene region where we operate. Staff and guests were also invited to discover the diversity of the Emtel Garden, consisting of various endemic plants and exotic flowers. We ended the celebrations by offering decorative plants to our staff who participated in our daily quizzes on the WED.

Reforestation at La Citadelle with Currimjee Foundation

Emtel staff is actively participating in the re-vegetation of 1 Hectare of critical forest habitat at La Citadelle in collaboration with the NGO Friends of the Environment through the Currimjee Foundation.

19th Mar 2016 - Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global annual event where millions of people switch off their lights for one hour to show that they care about the planet. Emtel Staff and customers alike were encouraged to participate at a personal level. We supported the African Network for Policy Research and Advocacy (ANPRAS) for Sustainability by raising the awareness of our customers on the event through personalised SMS.

27th Feb 2016 - Greening of Ebene Exchange along M1 with CJF

Emtel Staff actively participated in the Ministry of the Environment’s initiative to green the Ebene Exchange with 108 Ebony trees.

Year 2015 > Main Events

Previous CSR events for Environment

15th June 2015: Recognition from Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Disaster and Beach Management recognised Emtel’s past contributions to preserve the environment. Emtel was awarded with a certificate following World Environment Day 2015.

5th June 2015: World Environment Day

The theme for World Environment Day 2015 was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”.

Emtel launched the Emtel Bicycle Project for this event. Through this initiative, Emtel staff will be able to use Emtel bicycles for short distance trips, an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of motor vehicles.

2015: School Bac Organic Gardening Project in 10 Primary Schools


Emtel collaborated with the Mouvement pour l’autosuffisance alimentaire (MAA) for this project which consisted of producing basic leafy and fruit vegetables such as Lettuce, Tompouce, Petsai, Coriander, Beans, Capsicum and others in 10 primary schools for year 2016. Seeds will be provided to the schools to produce seedlings. The project is a learning space for children in organic farming. Children would be encouraged to extend their project at household in recycling containers.