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One Number

Steps to register

How to switch between your Postpaid and your Prepaid?

Send Pre by SMS to 8110 (SMS is FREE).

To switch to your Postpaid again, send Post by SMS to 8110.

To check your status, send Status to 8110 (SMS is FREE).

List of commands

To check amount used on your Postpaid account and your balance on your Prepaid account *122#

To recharge your Prepaid account with a scratch card *126*pin number#


  • Registration and the option to switch from one account to another is FREE. No additional fee required.
  • When you are on your Prepaid account, actual prepaid tariffs apply.
  • When you are on your Postpaid account, actual postpaid tariffs apply (depending on plan chosen).
  • Your Postpaid access fees do not change.
  • All SMS sent to 8110 are FREE.

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  • Do monthly access fee apply to this service?
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