Public notification

Emtel Ltd, holder of PSTN, PLMN and ISP licenses, hereby gives public notification in respect to the tariff determination(s) by the ICT Authority for the following service(s):

Plan NamePlan 1Plan 2Plan3
Price,Rs  Incl.  VAT 1299 1799 2299
Price Rs Excl. VAT 1,129.57 1,564.35 1,999.13
Fixed Internet Offer:
Monthly Volume Allowance (GB) * 1TB Unlimited Unlimited
Speed after allowance (DL / UL) Mbps Up to 1M download and 512 Kbps upload No FUP No FUP
Free Wi-Fi Router YES YES YES
Fixed Phone Set YES YES YES
Fixed local Calls per month 100 Fixed Mins Unlimited calls to any Emtel Number + 500 Mins calls to any other operators Unlimited calls to any Emtel Number + 500 Mins calls to any other operators 
Technology LTE LTE LTE
Free Dongle/Wingle 1 1 1
Mobile Service Offer
Max group no of mobile customers for pooling: 10 10 15
Monthly Data Volume Allowance  for pooling (UNLIMITED) 5GB UNL 10GB UNL 15GB UNL
Monthly Data FUP Volume Allowance (GB)  5 10 15
Speed after FUP volume allowance (DL / UL) Mbps Up to 1M download and 512 Kbps upload Up to 1M download and 512 Kbps upload Up to 1M download and 512 Kbps upload
SIM Rental (Per mobile customer) Rs, (Inc VAT)  99 79 49
Call between group member of 10 mobile customers (CUG – close user group) Free/Unlimited
Monthly Emtel to Emtel (Mins) – For Pooling: 500 600 750
Monthly Emtel to Other local networks - Mobile (mins) – For pooling  30 60 120
Local SMS For Pooling UNLIMITED

Terms & conditions for Combo Offer of Fixed Internet, Mobile & SMS services

  1. The Fixed Internet offer is a Plug & Play offer. A SIM based router will be used on the LTE network for Fixed internet services.
  2. The Router is offered for free to the customer.
  3. The last mile options for fixed internet may change depending on customer location feasibility. The Fixed internet will offer will be technology agnostic.
  4. The first SIM is free in the package. Any additional SIM card will pay additional fee of Rs 49, Rs 79 & Rs 99 as per above table.
  5. Free dongle/wingle is offered for customers taking any of the above offer.
  6. The above combo offer is applicable to postpaid customers only.
  7. The contract duration on postpaid is for one year and will be automatically renewed unless terminated by the client.
  8. When the customer finishes the free fixed minutes given, customers will be billed at approved H&O 1 call rates as per table below:

    Home and Office 1 Plan Tariffs

    Category Tariffs (Excl Vat)
    National voice calls to fixed line Rs 0.6/min, with per minute charging
    National voice calls to mobile Rs 1.45/min, with per minute charging
    National & International SMS Rs 0.5/SMS
    ILD Calls Same as approved current tariff

  9. Fix telephony services under the Fixed internet offer is not applicable for pooling.
  10. Excess usage of mobile calls and mobile data shall be billed as per below table.

    ServiceTariff (Exc VAT)
    Emtel to Emtel (Mobile) Rs 1.00 per min
    Emtel to Other networks (Local) Rs 3.06 per min
    ILD SMS Rs 0.50 per SMS
    Mobile Internet Rs 2.53 per additional 100KB
  11. The SMS offered as part of this offer is local SMS only. International SMS, SMS to premium services are not part of this offer.
  12. Subscribers on international roaming cannot benefit from this bundle.
  13. All other terms and conditions applicable to postpaid mobile customers remain unchanged and shall be read together with these special terms and conditions.
  14. Customers shall have any of the following to be eligible for the offer:
    a. BRN- Business registration number
    b. VAT certificate
    c. SME certificate

Emtel Ltd,

10, Ebene Cybercity, Ebene 72201

Republic of Mauritius