Prepaid Platinum Pack

Emtel Platinum pack

Surf your favourite sites, upload your photos, chat with your friends all day, download your favourite songs on Saavn! 
With Emtel Platinum Pack promo, browsing becomes even more enjoyable! 
You now get 80MB of Data + 80MB Night Data + 80MB Music Data for ONLY Rs 15 incl. VAT. Promotion valid from 20th Jan to 18th Feb 2017.

Browsing becomes even more fun with Emtel Platinum packs. Mobile Data, Night Data with a wide variety of bollywood and international music, Free unlimited facebook & Whats app!

Platinum packsPlatinum pack benefitsPrice of Pack (Incl. Vat)
Data PackNite Pack (1am to 6am)Saavn Music PackFree Facebook & Whats app
Daily (1 Day)Platinum 50MB80MB80MB80MB15
Weekly (7 Days)Platinum 250MB250MB250MB250MB65
Platinum 750MB750MB750MB750MB165
Monthly (30 Days)Platinum 1GB1GB1GB1GB335
Platinum 2GB2GB2GB1GB535
Platinum 3GB3GB3GB1GB735

1. SMS

Platinum packsPrice of Pack (Incl. Vat)Send below commands to short code 8284 by SMS**
Daily (1 Day)Platinum 50MB15Sub Plat50MB
Weekly (7 Days)Platinum 250MB65Sub Plat250MB
Platinum 750MB165Sub Plat750MB
Monthly (30 Days)Platinum 1GB335Sub Plat1GB
Platinum 2GB535Sub Plat2GB
Platinum 3GB735Sub Plat3GB

2. Data Epin

Exact Denominations of the pack inc VAT price at any Emtel EPIN shop.

3. Emtel *100#

4. Emtel Cash

5. Ecommerce

Activation Steps of Saavn Music

Step 1:

Activate your Platinum Pack through any of the following modes: SMS, Epin, Emtel Cash, eCommerce, Emtel *100#

Step 2:

Customer gets activation success msg with following URL:

Step 3:

Activate your Saavn Pro service with the following simple steps:


What are the benefits of Emtel Platinum packs.
Emtel platinum packs provides Mobile data, Night data (1 am-6 am) and Music data on Saavn plus free unlimited Facebook and whats app. All in one pack.
I already have a Mobile Data pack of Daily 40MB +20SMS. Can I activate Platinum pack.
Yes, you can purchase a platinum pack even though you already have an existing mobile data pack. However, you existing data pack will be consumed first.
What is Emtel Saavn Pro Offer in Emtel Platinum pack?
Upon purchase of Emtel platinum packs, you get free data volume to access Saavn Music via Saavn App. Know more on Saavn pro on:
What are the type of music available in the Saavn Music App.
Wide variety of Bollywood and international music is available.
How much does an SMS to 8284 cost?
SMS sent to 8284 is free.
Can I purchase an Emtel Platinum pack if I am a ‘One Number’ subscriber?
No, Emtel platinum pack is available only to prepaid mobile subscribers.
Can I purchase an Emtel Platinum pack if I am a WiFi Plus subscriber?
No, Emtel platinum pack is not available for WiFi Plus customers.
Can I benefit from this offer while roaming?
No, while roaming you will be charged at the normal roaming rates

If you require any further information, please visit any Emtel showroom or contact our Customer Care on 8970.