One Number

One Number

This latest innovation will open up a world of possibilities!

  • Keep your existing Postpaid number and switch to Prepaid when you wish.

    Emtel enables you to be in Postpaid and Prepaid at the same time and with the same SIM card.

  • You can choose which services (local and international calls, SMS, Wap, etc.) you want to use in Postpaid or Prepaid.

    For instance, you can use your Prepaid account for all local calls and SMS and use your Postpaid for international calls, Wap or Web. You will then be able to better control your expenses.

  • With your existing Postpaid number, even if you have reached your credit limit, you can still use your mobile by switching to Prepaid.

    You will never be disconnected again! Now you can change accounts when you reach your credit limit. Just switch to Prepaid and keep an eye on your expenses.

How to register?

  • You have a Postpaid

    Contact your Sales Representative or visit any Emtel Store with your ID card. Registration is free and your monthly Postpaid fees will appear on your bill at the end of the month.

  • You have a Prepaid

    Visit any Emtel store with your ID card and a proof of address. Registration of free.

  • You are not yet an Emtel customer

    Visit any Emtel store with your ID card and proof of address. Get an Emtel SIM. Registration is FREE.

    You can now be Postpaid and Prepaid with one number whenever you wish to.

How to switch between your Postpaid and your Prepaid?

  • Send Pre by SMS to 8110. (SMS is FREE).
  • To switch to your Postpaid again, send Post by SMS to 8110.
  • To check your status, send Status to 8110 (SMS is FREE).

List of commands

To check amount used on your Postpaid account and your balance on your Prepaid account *122#
To recharge your Prepaid account with a scratch card *126*pin number#

How much does it cost?

  • Registration and the option to switch from one account to another is FREE. No additional fee required.
  • When you are on your Prepaid account, actual prepaid tariffs apply.
  • When you are on your Postpaid account, actual postpaid tariffs apply (depending on plan chosen).
  • Your Postpaid access fees do not change.
  • All SMS sent to 8110 are FREE.

Questions and Answers

Do monthly access fee apply to this service?

If you are on Postpaid, you will carry on paying the same monthly fees.

If you are on Prepaid, you will have to pay the monthly access fees for Postpaid depending on the package chosen.
Click here to see our packages: Postpaid.

Can I use this service when I am on Roaming ?
You will be able to use your Postpaid account only and roaming tariffs will apply.
I have a BlackBerry handset and I want to be on both Prepaid and Postpaid. Will I still be able to use BlackBerry services?
Yes. Your BlackBerry services will be billed on your Postpaid account.
What happens if I run out of credit on my Prepaid account while I am talking to someone?
No need to worry. You will still be able to talk by switching on your Postpaid account. Send Pos by SMS to 8110. Also, if you reach your credit limit on your Postpaid, you just have to switch to your Prepaid by sending Pre to 8110.
What happens if I reach my credit limit on my Postpaid account while I am talking to someone?
The call will automatically switch to your Prepaid account. If you do not have credit on your Prepaid, the call will then be disconnected.