Benefits of VoLTE

HD Voice Calls

Crystal clear conversations if you are right next to each other

Instant Call Connect

Now connect 3 times faster than normal calls

Efficient Multi-tasking

Do more in the same time! Now make calls without disrupting your internet sessions

No additional costs


  • Is your device VoLTE compatible?
  • What is Voice over LTE (VoLTE)?
  • How is VoLTE different from standard voice?
  • How do I use VoLTE?
  • How will I know if I am eligible for VoLTE service?
  • How much does VoLTE cost?
  • Do I need to activate a separate or special pack for VoLTE service?
  • Will VoLTE calls consume data?
  • My friend does not have a phone that supports VoLTE. Can I still make calls to him/her using VoLTE?
  • I am a Dual SIM customer; can I still use VoLTE?
  • If I am watching a video when a VoLTE call comes in, will my video be paused?