Mobile Data, Devices & Applications

Mobile Data, Devices & Applications

Life becomes much simpler with your Emtel postpaid. Now you have the unlimited freedom communicate with people in your own special way

Emtel provides a hassle-free and cost saving services, through the Emtel Postpaid Bundles and Emtel Mobile Data services. You can now relax and save money while communicating more than before. So enjoy now and pay at the end of the month.

Available PackagesPostpaid - Mobile Internet Tariffs Rs. (VAT Incl.)ValidityExcess Web Pack Tariff (VAT Incl.)
Monthly Mobile Internet
Monthly 1GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs. 234.001 Calendar monthRs. 2.53 per MB
Monthly 2GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs. 434.00
Monthly 3GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs. 634.00
Monthly 5GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs. 934.00
Monthly 10GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs. 1,434.00
Monthly 50GB + Free Facebook & WhatsAppRs. 2,934.00
Monthly Limit:
  • Make mobile communications up to the amount that YOU want by setting your own monthly usage limit, helping you to be in control of your mobile charges.

Self-Care Portal for E-billing:
  • Get into a paperless environment by subscribing to our Self-Care Portal and view your bills online at the time most convenient to you

International Calls:
  • Enjoy crystal-clear voice communications with Emtel while calling any country in the world. Simply dial your correspondent’s number with your Emtel and enjoy competitive rates.

Roaming Services:
  • Stay in touch with your business, friends and colleagues in 181 countries across more than 500 world-class networks. With Emtel International Roaming, travel abroad and keep your mobile number to make calls, send SMS and use mobile data.
Corporate Services:
  • Enjoy the privilege of a dedicated Accounts Representative, preferred tariffs for your mobile communications and much more.
Bundled Local Minutes/month (Including POTS)**Monthly RentalInstallation Fee
Up to 10 Mbps180 MinsRs. 7,500* Per monthRs. 1,500*
Up to 20 Mbps240 MinsRs. 10,500* Per monthRs. 1,500*
Up to 30 Mbps360 MinsRs. 13,500* Per monthRs. 1,500*

** Calls toward local fixed numbers only
Please contact Emtel Business Executives to choose from the Multiple Bandwidth Options

* All prices are exclusive of VAT

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