Missed Call Alert

What is Emtel Missed Call Alert?

Now you don’t need to worry if you are out of coverage or service area or when your mobile runs out of battery. Your Emtel mobile phone makes it easy for you to find out who called while you were unreachable. Along with the call timings.

Not just that, if the contact is saved in your phonebook, an sms alert will be sent in the name of the caller!

Benefits of Emtel Missed Call Alert

  • You will not miss an important call again
  • Receive all information of your missed calls conveniently by sms

To use Emtel Missed Call Alert

  • To activate MIssed Call Alerts on your mobile (prepaid & postpaid)
  • Just send MCA R by SMS to 8888 and you’re done!
  • You will receive an SMS to confirm activation of the service.


  • If you have the number of the missed call in your phonebook, the name of the caller will appear instead of 8888* (only if calls have been made from the same number).
    *Depending on mobile options.

  • To deactivate Missed Call Alert
    Send MCA D to 8888.

Tariffs of Emtel Missed Call Alert

Prepaid and Postpaid

  • SMS to 8888: same as a normal SMS
  • A monthly fee of Rs. 10 will be deducted from your prepaid or postpaid account (every 30 days as from date of activation). You will receive an SMS informing you of the same
  • All incoming SMS are free

Questions and Answers

Will I receive MCA SMS if the caller has activated CLIR?

You will receive no MCA message while you were unreachable when someone who has activated CLIR tries to call you.
If you have also activated the voicemail service, the person calling you may deposit a message but you will not be able to have the person’s number.

Will I receive MCA SMS for international missed calls?
For international missed call, MCA SMS will include the CLI if available. When not available, “anonymous” will be displayed.
If my phone remains switched off for one week, will I receive all MCA SMS?
No. Only missed calls from the last 24 hours will be available.
What happens if I have less than Rs. 10 on my prepaid account on the day I will be charged for the service?

MCA service will be suspended for a period of 30 days. It can be reactivated automatically anytime during those 30 days provided that you recharge your account. The monthly fee will then be deducted
If you recharge your account after 30 days, you will have to register again to be able to use the service.

Can I use MCA and voicemail at the same time?

Yes. If the caller hangs up before the end of the voicemail message and beep sound, you will receive a MCA SMS and no voicemail SMS.
If caller hangs up after the beep or after leaving his voice message, no MCA SMS will be sent. You will receive voicemail SMS only.
If voicemail has been cancelled on your mobile, you will not receive any MCA SMS.
If only one function of voicemail has been cancelled, e.g. no reply function, you will receive no MCA SMS for “no reply” cases.