iPhone 7 | 7+ or a Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+

iPhone 7 | 7+ or a Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+

Emtel brings to you an unmatched offering when you purchase an iPhone 7 | 7+ or a Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+.

This offer is exclusively available when you purchase these Premium Smartphones from an Emtel Showroom.

It brings to life the best what these Premium Smartphones have to offer while you get onto the Fastest 4G network in Mauritius.

To start off your journey with these exciting smartphones on our network, we offer to you an unmatched Data, Voice and SMS bundle.

We offer you 75 GB of mobile data which you can use for Streaming, Browsing or Downloads.

In addition to this, you can take advantage of 4500 Emtel minutes and 1200 SMS.

These benefits can be used up within 3 months from the date of purchase.

The combined value of this Bundled Offer is approximately 25,000 MUR.

Offer Details

Bundle OfferMonthly VolumeValue (MUR)Benefit Period (Months)Offer Value (3 Months)
Data (GB)256,225318,675
Emtel Call Minutes1,5001,80035,400
No. of SMS4002403720
Total Value(MUR)24,795


How can I subscribe to this offer?
You can walk into our showrooms and buy either of the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 range of premium devices. The offer subscription shall be done by our Sales representative.
What happens if I use all 75 GB in one month?
Under this offer, 25 GB of Data is offered for use each month for a period of 3 months as from date of purchase.
After 3 months what will be my Data offering?
You can choose form a range of Data and Voice offers that are available in Emtel for subscription after the 3 months period is over.
What shall be the tariff for voice calls after my Bundled 1500 minutes are over?
The normal charges basis in your tariff plan shall apply after you have used up all bundled minutes or SMS.