Family Plan

Emtel Family Plan

We care for you! Stay in touch with your friends and families with Emtel Family plan. You are now able to share data, calls and SMS within your friends and family members while having full control of your plan.


One plan for the whole family! Share your plan to up to 4 members of your friends and families. Each additional member added is only Rs 99 per month.

Visit us to activate this service.

Price (Rs VAT incl.) 499 799 999 1299
Unlimited Mobile Data 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
On net mins 500 mins 600 mins 750 mins Unlimited
Off net mins 30 mins 60 mins 120 mins 150 mins
SMS Unlimited

Your benefits:

  • Unlimited conversations and text between members. Keep in touch all day, every day.
  • Share calls and internet with friends and family
  • Single bill and single payment

Here’s how Emtel Family Plan work:

Family Plan

  • Emtel Family Plan is available for new and existing postpaid mobile subscribers
  • The plans allow a postpaid user to create a ‘Family’ of up to 5 member(s) including himself/herself and share the benefits of his/her plan with them.
  • A monthly fee of Rs 99 per beneficiary will be borne by the sharer. The charge is applicable for every calendar month the service is used.
  • Details of the sharing can be viewed in the monthly itemized bill of the sharer on Self Care.
  • A beneficiary can be the member of only one ‘Family’ at any time.
  • Only 1 bill per ‘Family’ shall be generated in the name of the sharer
  • In case of non-payment of bill, services of entire Family cease

The plan may be modified at any time by Emtel. The new terms will be posted on the official website of Emtel.

How to activate an Emtel Family Plan?

Visit an Emtel Showroom with your National Identity Card and a proof of address (CEB or CWA)

How much will I pay for the first month?

Being the sharer, you will be charged a pro-rated amount depending on the date you subscribe to the service + one month in advance. This is applicable for both your chosen plan and the rental fee of Rs 99 per beneficiary.

How much will I be charged if I opt for a 499 Emtel Family plan with 3 beneficiaries?

If you opt for 499 Family share plan with 3 beneficiaries you will be charged

  • Rs 499 for your chosen plan +
  • Rs 99 per beneficiary added, in your case Rs 99 x 3: Rs 297 +
  • Any excess charge

How does Emtel Family plan work?

Emtel Family plan allows you to get the most of your plan by sharing the allowances (minutes, texts and internet) of your plan with 2 to 4 other members.

How much do I have to pay for the postpaid SIM card?

Any person can share his/her plan to any chosen members. Members of the group do not have to be in the same household or team. The plan can be shared among a group of friends. Emtel Family plan could even work for one person who has multiple devices.

Who can share their plan?

Your postpaid SIM card will be offered to you free of charge upon subscribing to any postpaid plans.

Who is involved?


  • When you share your mobile plan you become the sharer
  • The sharer manages the account and has one bill for all connections within the plan.
  • The sharer can add beneficiaries to his plan
  • The sharer can call the beneficiaries for free

  • Beneficiaries can use calls and internet from the sharer’s plan
  • On most plans, a maximum of 4 beneficiaries can be added
  • Beneficiary can call other beneficiaries and sharer for free
  • The beneficiary does not pay for any usage done.
  • Costs are borne by the sharer

Is there a limited number of beneficiaries I can add?

You can share your plan with a maximum of 4 members.
A monthly fee Rs99 will be charged for each added beneficiary. The usage will be on a first come first serve basis.

Do I need to change my plan when I add Family member (s)?

Yes, you should opt for any of the 4 available plans. You will be required to visit an Emtel Showroom to complete the formalities along with your National Identity card and a proof of address.

Can I select which type of service to share?

No, all the allowances in your plan will be shared between you and all your beneficiaries.

To whom is the Emtel Family Plan applicable to?

Any subscribers can opt for this plan, however all members will have to be Emtel postpaid subscribers only.

On whose name will the bill be issued?

The bill will be issued to the name and address of the sharer.

Will my family members receive bills for their usage?

No, your family members will not receive any bill as long as they are in your family plan. The sharer will be the sole responsible of the Emtel Family Plan.

My family connections are under different name and registered address. How do I add them in my Emtel Family Plan?

For adding existing Emtel connections, the connections will have to be transferred to your name by the consent of that family member. All members under the Emtel Family Plan (sharer and beneficiaries) will be under the name of the sharer.

Being the sharer, can I view all the plan beneficiaries’ usage?

Yes, same can be viewed on Self Care. However, none of the beneficiary can request for the usage detailed neither for himself nor any other beneficiaries.

Can I use International Roaming on these plans?

No, the benefits available on those plans are for local use only that is can be used only in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega. In case, any beneficiary member requires roaming service, approval of sharer and a roaming deposit are required.

What happens when all the allowances in the plan are over?

Sharer will be charged excess tariff as follows:

Emtel to Emtel Rs 1/min
Emtel to other Mobiles Rs 3.06/min
Emtel to Fixed Rs 3.12/min
International SMS Rs 0.5/SMS

Note that sharer and beneficiaries will be able to make excess usage up to the monthly limit set on the sharer mobile number.

What will happen after the consumption of the data volume allocated?

Both sharer and beneficiaries will continue to access internet but at speeds up to 1 Mbps for download and 512 kbps for upload.

Being the beneficiary, what happens in case of non-payment of bill by the sharer?

In case of non-payment of bill, services of entire family will be disconnected.

By when I need to make payment?

You have 1 month to effect payment. Example for the June bill, you will have up to the 31st July to pay your bill.

How can I check my balance?

The sharer can check his available balance by dialing *122# on his mobile number, however beneficiaries cannot do same.
Or you can log on to Self- care.

Can I be the beneficiary of 2 different Emtel Family Plans?

No, a beneficiary can be the member of only 1 plan at any time.

I have a corporate plan. Is Emtel Family plan available for me?

Emtel Family Plan is not available for corporate customers.

Can my family members make changes to my existing plan?

Only the sharer can modify the plan.

How can I remove beneficiaries from my plan?

To remove or add any member from your plan, you will need to visit any Emtel showroom with you National Identity Card as well as a proof of address, our agent will be pleased to assist you.

Is Data roll over applicable in Emtel Family Plan?

Unfortunately, data roll over is not applicable.

Is top up available?

No Top up is not available. If your plan is over, you will be charged on excess usage, up to the credit limit allocated to the sharer number.