1. What is Emtel Cash?

Emtel Cash allows any registered subscribers to store, receive & send money using his mobile phone.

Details of services:

  • Pay for your CEB, CWA or Emtel Bills.
  • Recharge your mobile phone or any other Emtel’s number.
  • Transfer money to someone else.
  • Pay merchants for goods & services.

2. Where can I register?

In any EMTEL showroom or selected agents (list is available on website or by calling 8970).

3. What documents do I need to register?

  • The National Identity card or Passport

4. What if the SIM is not registered on my name?

Provided you are above 18 years old, you will have to come to the showroom with the person who registered the SIM to make the swap.

5. How long does it take to get registered once I have provided all the required documents?

Immediately after your details have been captured on the system. You will receive an SMS notification to confirm the registration. Once you change your PIN and do a Cash In, you can use all the services of Emtel Cash.

6. How will the services work?

  • For customer: Dial *110# to access the service menu.
  • For Agents/Merchants: Dial *222# to access the service menu

7. Do I need a smartphone to use Emtel Cash?

No, the most basic phone will be enough.

8. Do I need to have internet on my phone?

No you don’t.

9. Do I need a bank account to register?

No bank account needed. You just need to be an Emtel subscriber with the phone number registered under your name.

10. Is there a limit on the number of transactions I can do in a day?

Customer can transact up to Rs 10,000 per day.

11. How often can I change my PIN?

As often as you want by accessing My Account on Emtel Cash Main Menu and go to Change PIN.

1. What happens if I do a wrong transaction?

All transactions are considered Final & Irrevocable as per BoM Guideline. Customer will be advised to check carefully before confirming any transaction. Help can be requested on 8970.

2. What if network is down or my phone goes off when I am transacting?

All transactions not completed for any technology failure will fail and customers will receive an SMS notification. Customers must call customer Care 8970 to enquire about the transaction status.

3. What are the bills that I can pay with Emtel Cash?

The customer can pay his utility bills supported by the MFS system.
The customer can perform bill payments up to 22:00 everyday.
Consult full list of bills on our website or contact 8970 for any query.

4. Can I use Emtel Cash to buy credit or data package?

The Subscriber can recharge airtime or buy Data packages for him or for any other prepaid Emtel customer. This can be done anytime & anywhere up to Rs 10,000. For data packages, the exact amount needs to be input.

5. How many numbers can I recharge through Emtel Cash?

As many as you want, provided that you don’t exceed Rs 10,000 per day.

6. To whom can I send money?

To Emtel and Non-Emtel users.

7. Do I have anything to pay for these services?

No except for Sending Money and Cash Out request.

1. What is a voucher Code and why do we use it?

  • A Voucher Code is a one time 6-digit number. It is generated by a registered user for Cash In, Cash Out and Pay Merchant and received by SMS. A Non-Emtel subscriber will also receive a Voucher Code when he receives money from a registered user.
  • VALIDITY: All Voucher Codes have an expiry date for security reason. Validity Period (Cash In, Cash out, Pay Merchant): 1 day & for Money Transfer redemption at Agent: 2 days.

2. What happens if I delete my Voucher Code?

Call Customer Care on 8970 and it will be re-sent to you if not yet used or expired. You can also generate a new one.

3. What if I forget my PIN, PASSWORD or SECRET WORD?

You will need to contact Customer Care on 8970 for them to re-issue the PIN, password or secret word.

4. Is the service secured?

It is as secured as a bank transaction & Weak PIN are not allowed and will be automatically rejected. After 3 consecutive failed PIN attempts, your account will be locked.

What to do? Call Customer Care on 8970 to unlock the PIN after customer service has confirmed your Identity as the account holder.

5. How can I be certain that my transaction has been processed?

  • SMS Notification: For all successful & unsuccessful transactions a unique transaction ID will be included as reference.
  • Account Balance or Mini Statement: Dial *110# and select My account.
  • Customer Service: Call 8970 to request for information.

6. What if I don’t get any SMS confirmation after performing a transaction?

Your SMS Inbox could be full. Delete some SMS to make space for new SMSs. If you still do not receive this particular SMS but you are receiving other SMS, then report same by calling 8970.

7. What happens if I lose my phone?

You should immediately call 8970 for your Account to be locked. To use your phone to transact, you will need to know your PIN. It is important to keep your PIN safe at all times and not store in your phone.

8. If I change my number, what happens to my Emtel Cash account?

Your Emtel Cash Account will be reallocated to your new phone number. You simply need to visit an Emtel showroom to fill in the Change Form to confirm the reallocation of your Emtel Cash Account- to the new one.