What is Emtel Buddy?

Emtel Buddy is an SMS icebreaker game for people who are looking for a little fun via their mobile phones. The idea is to make more friends and have fun, while maintaining anonymity. The game matches the profiles of the participants and they compete to chat with another participant.

The game involves you and the other participants answering 4 questions. The other participants with the same answers as you score a point for each question. After 4 questions, the participant with the most points enters the finals where you get to chat with him/her.

Benefits of Emtel Buddy

  • Find new friends and chat away with them
  • No need to disclose your mobile number

How to use Emtel Buddy?

Send BUDDY to 8585 and follow the instructions to register to the game.

Once you have registered to the game, you have two options:

  1. You send BUDDY to 8585 again to initiate a session
  2. You wait for someone to initiate a session

BUDDY To register and start session (same keyword)
STOP To stop an ongoing session (stop receiving questions)
FRIEND NICKNAME To add someone with whom you have chatted in your friend list
CHAT NICKNAME To chat with someone in your friend list
FRIEND To see friend list
QUIT To quit a chat session
UNSUB To deregister from the game permanently
STATUS To check your nickname gender and password
BLOCK followed by the nickname of the user To block a participant permanently from contacting you
UNBLOCK followed by the nickname of the user To unblock a user you have previously blocked
HELP To get full lists of commands

Tariffs of Emtel Buddy

Prepaid & Postpaid : Rs 1.00 per sms.
Incoming messages are free of charge.

Questions and Answers

What happens when I initiate a chat session by sending BUDDY to 8585?
If you are starting the game by sending BUDDY to 8585, it means that the game will try to match your profile to other registered users. So you will receive four questions which will help to determine your personality. At the same time, we will select 10 registered users who may match your profile and send the same four questions to them. The one who is the most rapid to answer the questions correctly will be selected to chat directly with you.
What happens when I am not initiating any session?
If you do not want to start the game, you may receive a maximum of three requests per day. When you are receiving a request it means that you have a profile which is matching someone who has initiated a session. The request will come in the form of a Buddy question. You will be requested to answer this first question in order to validate your participation and continue receiving other questions. If you are the one who has the most rapidly answered the questions correctly, you will be selected to chat with the person who has initiated the session.
How are the questions selected?

The questions are randomly selected from a database of questions and come with three alternative answers.
For example “What do you enjoy doing on Sundays?
A. Stay in bed
B. Rent a movie
C. Go for a walk
All the participants of a session will receive the same set of questions. A correct answer means that you have given the same answer as the person who has made a request.

How do I find the right person?
The four questions are pre-designed to match people that have similar interests, opinions or habits. When the four questions have been answered, the two players who have the most points (that is, the person whose answers are most like yours) are selected to “meet” you in the final. In the final you can chat with him/her by sending anonymous text messages via the game server so nobody will ever know the phone number of the person they are chatting with.
Can I play without actively picking anyone?

If you don’t want to initiate the game, you can let the game pick you when someone who matches your age and sex profile wants to become friend with you.

Then you have to answer four questions, as described above. If your answers are the same, you will score the points needed to enter the finals and chat with the requester.

Just as the requester can send messages to you, you can also send messages to the requester, simply by sending a text message to 8585. You can end the session by typing “STOP” and send to 8585.

How do I stop receiving sms permanently?

To deregister from the game permanently any time type keyword UNSUB and send to 8585.

You can register for the game anytime again by sending BUDDY to 8585.

If you do not want to ever chat or be in contact with a particular user ever again, simply type BLOCK followed by the nickname of the user and send to 8585 whilst you are in a chat session with that person.

Will other people in the game know my mobile number?
No, they will not. Your mobile number is kept hidden from all other participants at all times.
I’ve stopped the Buddy game, how do I start again?
Simply type the keyword BUDDY and send to 8585 again. You do not need to type in your age and gender if you have already played the game before, as the game will recognize who you are.
How many Buddy requests will I receive per day?
You will receive a maximum of 3 requests each day. Remember, you can send “STOP” at any point in time to stop an ongoing session.
Who do I contact if I have a problem playing the game
You can either type in keyword “HELP” and send to 8585 at any stage of the game or contact our customer care on 8970.

Terms and Conditions

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, any reference to “we”, “us” or “our” is to Emtel Emtel Buddy. We are the promoter of this game. “You”, or “your” refers to you, the entrant in the game. You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to play Emtel Emtel Buddy. By playing you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

  2. You must be 18 or over to play Emtel Buddy (the “Game”). You undertake to make all truthful disclosures regarding your age. Emtel may disallow and disconnect the service without notice and without liability if it has reasonable suspicion that the service is being used by anyone under the age of 18.

  3. The game is currently available only to eligible Emtel prepaid and postpaid customers. SMS sent will be charged Rs 1.00 for both prepaid and postpaid customers. All messages you receive from the game will not be charged.

  4. In each case after you have sent a reply, you cannot cancel the text message response from us.

  5. To start the game send ‘Buddy’ to 8585, to stop an ongoing session send stop to 8585 and to deregister from the game send unsub to 8585.

  6. Emtel may in its entire discretion at any time without notice and without liability blacklist subscribers who in its reasonable opinion are abusing the Service or are reported to have abused the Service.

  7. Emtel will also deactivate the Service from the phones upon written request by the registered owner of the phone sent to Emtel requesting same.

  8. “Personal Data” is any data that identifies you as an individual or is capable of doing so and does not include general, statistical, aggregated or anonymised information. The Personal Data which you supply to us you agree will be true, complete and accurate in all respects and you agree to notify us as soon as possible of any changes to such Personal Data. We will deal with your Personal Data in compliance with current Mauritian data protection law.

  9. The Game must not be used:
    a. fraudulently or in connection with any criminal offence;
    b. to send or receive any material which is obscene, menacing, defamatory, abusive, offensive or in breach of any person’s rights (including without limitation, rights to privacy) or otherwise unlawful;
    c. to harass, stalk, inconvenience or cause needless annoyance or anxiety to any person;
    d. for commercial purposes or to send unsolicited promotional material or spam; or
    e. in breach of any third party’s intellectual property rights.

  10. We may also edit or remove Content, in whole or in part at Our sole discretion if it does not comply with Our requirements. We also reserve the right to terminate Your access to the Game for conduct that infringes other Users’ use and enjoyment of the Game.

  11. We do not claim ownership of the material you submit or make available via the Emtel Emtel Buddy, however by using the Emtel Emtel Buddy direct chat facility, you grant to us a royalty free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt and/or publish any such material as we require.

  12. You agree to indemnify Us against any claims or legal proceeding which are brought or threatened against Us by third parties resulting from Your use of the Game facility in breach of these terms.

  13. We reserve the right to disclose information about You to applicable regulatory or government bodies where any of Your actions have breached these terms of use or where We are required by law to disclose this information.

  14. You recognize that the Game may, from time to time, be adversely affected by events outside our control. We will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure the uninterrupted and timely supply of the Game and will take all reasonable steps at our expense to correct any error, omission or mistake, but will be under no liability for any error in, or delay in, or failure in transmission of the Game. We will not be liable for any partial or complete failure in the transmission or receipt of calls or SMS text messages.

  15. If we believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions we reserve the right to immediately and without notice withdraw or bar the services.

  16. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. By continuing to use the service you will be deemed to have accepted the varied terms and conditions, which will be posted on the web site. We reserve the right at any time to cancel, modify or supersede the Game if, in our sole discretion, the Game is not capable of being conducted as specified in these terms and conditions.

  17. All warnings and notices issued with regard to this service shall form part of the terms and conditions herein and in the event of breach may be dealt with as provided in this Agreement.

Please note that for those Users who have reached the final and enter into a direct chat (“Direct Chat”), We do t monitor or control any Direct Chats You may have with another user via the Game, nor do We take responsibility or endorse the opinions expressed by Users. Therefore We cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy or merit of the Content in any Direct Chat. You are solely liable for all your activities while using Our Direct Chat facility and are solely responsible for the consequences of those activities. We will not be liable for any of the Content in a direct chat or for any loss or damage incurred by your use of it. Any reliance you place on information that is sent by other Users is at your own risk.