Emtel Postpaid Bundles

Hassle-free & cost saving Postpaid Bundles

Emtel introduces its postpaid bundles, enabling you to relax, save money and communicate more. Use now and pay at the end of the month. The Postpaid bundles are monthly plans that best suit your usage habit in a hassle-free manner.

What documents are needed for subscribing to Emtel Postpaid Bundles?
Your ID card and a proof of address will be required (Utility bill, e.g: CEB or CWA bill or rent book)
Is there any monthly access fee?
No monthly access fee will be charged. You will only pay for the value of the bundle selected each month.
Can I send international SMS from the bundle?
The SMS available in the bundles are applicable to any LOCAL mobile number only
What if the bundle is over?*
You will be charged excess tariff as follows:
ServiceTariff Excl VAT
Emtel to Emtel (Mobile) Rs.1 per min
Emtel to Other Mobiles Rs.3.06 per min
Mobile Internet Rs.2.53 per MB

* Note that you will be able to make excess usage up to the credit limit set on your mobile number

How much will I pay for the first month?
You will be charged for the pro-rated amount, according to the date of subscription, + one month in advance. E.g: If you subscribe for the bundle worth Rs499 on the 20th Feb, you will pay for 20th-29th Feb + one month in advance.
How much time do I have to make payments?
You have 1 month to effect payment. E.g: For Feb bill, you will have up to the 31st of March to pay your bill.
How can I check my balance?
Dial *122# to check your balance
Are the bundles applicable to One Number account and Home & Office?
The postpaid bundles are applicable only to postpaid mobile accounts.
Is downgrade or upgrade possible?
No downgrade possible during the contractual period, upgrade possible.
Can I have a postpaid bundle + a data pack?
YES. Priority will be on bundle
Is Top up available?
No Top up available. If bundle is over, you will be charged on excess usage, up to the credit limit allocated to your mobile number.






Mobile Data 1.25 GB 4GB Unlimited 7 GB Unlimited 8 GB unlimited
Emtel to Emtel Mobile 120 mins 400 Mins 500 Mins 650 Mins
Emtel to other local networks 30 Mins 60 Mins 150 Mins
SMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price (Rs VAT Incl.) Rs 299
Rs 499 Rs 799 Rs 999

Below are the Special Terms and Conditions applicable to the above proposed postpaid bundles. These Special Terms and Conditions shall be read together with the General Terms and Conditions of the services.

  • The SMS packs are applicable to Local SMS only.
  • The bundles cannot be used while roaming.
  • The bundles are applicable to postpaid mobile only (Not available on One Number and Home & Office).
  • Bundles cannot be downgraded within the contractual period.
  • The unused data at the end of the month, will be added to your data allowance for the next month.
  • Any excess usage will be billed as per excess tariff.
  • All other existing postpaid terms & conditions will apply.