Emtel My Choice

Create your own monthly packs with Emtel MyChoice

Different people use their phones for different things. That's where Emtel MyChoice comes in. It lets you use your phone, just the way you want to.

To choose your package, go to "Available Packages". Once selected, please visit one of our showrooms with your ID card or send us on email on sales@emtelnet.com

Question and Answers

What documents are needed for subscribing to Emtel MyChoice?
  • While visiting our showroom, bring along your ID card and a proof of address (Utility bill, e.g: CEB or CWA bill + any other document. E.g: Bank statement or rent book)
How can I make changes to my plan?
  • Call our Customer Care on 8970, visit the nearest Emtel showroom or send an email on emtel@emtelnet.com
Is it mandatory to choose a pack from all segments (Voice, Data & SMS)?
  • No it is not mandatory to select packs from all segments. You choose the packs according to YOUR NEEDS
Is there any monthly access fee?
  • If you select a pack worth Rs500 or more, excluding VAT and any other services outside the services proposed, no access fee will be applied. However, if the pack selected is < Rs500 an access fee of Rs140 excluding VAT will be applicable.
Can I add more packs to the Predefined pack chosen?
  • Yes. You can add as many packs as you wish to the Predefined pack selected.
Can I select same pack several times?
  • You can select as many different packs as you wish. Same packs cannot however be selected more than once during the billing cycle
How often can I change my plans?
  • You can make changes to your Emtel MyChoice once a month. The modification will be done on the first day of the next billing cycle
If in the meantime I need additional packs?
  • All the packages can also act as a “Top-up”. You can Top Up as many packs as you wish.
What will be the validity of the Top Ups?
  • The Top Ups will be valid until the end of the Billing Cycle in full, irrespective of the date the Top Ups are done
What does National Voice pack mean?
  • National Voice pack is a pack which allows for outgoing calls to any national network (mobile & fixed) including Emtel network
If I have both National Voice and Emtel to Emtel packs, how does it work?
  • When you call Emtel numbers, the priority will be given to Emtel to Emtel packs. If the pack if over, then calls to Emtel numbers will be taken from National Voice packs. All other national outgoing calls will be taken from the National Voice pack directly
How do the ILD packs work?
  • We have a wide range of ILD Packs to suit your International Calling needs, you enjoy crystal clear voice calling and make savings at the same time. You can select any ILD pack in combination with any other available packs (i.e, with Voice, SMS and/or Data).
Can I select more than one country or more than one pack?
  • Yes. You can opt for as many ILD packs as needed, according to the countries selected.
Will I be able to call another country outside the proposed ILD packs?
  • Yes. You will be able to call other countries. The standard ILD tariffs will then be applicable. (Please hyperlink the underlined portion to take the customer to the ILD Tariffs page)
What if I have a One Number account?
  • Emtel MyChoice is also applicable to hybrid accounts. However, to use any of the packs from the Emtel MyChoice plan, the account will have to be on postpaid mode.
What is the Share Plan?
  • The Share Plan option allows you to share the packages designed with other subscribers, subject to a monthly fee of Rs90 excluding VAT.
Is there a limited number of subscribers for the Share Plan?
  • You can share the packs can do it with as many other subscribers as you wish. The usage will be on a First-Come First-Serve basis.
Can I select which type of service to share?
  • Yes. You can select which service to share with others and which one to keep for yourself. For example, if you’ve selected Emtel to Emtel pack of 900 minutes, and a Mobile Internet Pack of 2 GB, you can select not to share the Mobile Internet pack and share only the Emtel to Emtel voice pack. However, for the Predefined packs, you will not be able to share part of the packs. It can only be done altogether.
To whom is the Share Plan option applicable to?
  • All subscribers under Emtel MyChoice can opt for the Share Plan option and share the services to Emtel Postpaid subscribers only.
Does it apply to One Number accounts?
  • Yes. However, at the time of use, the account will have to be on postpaid mode.
How will the payment be done?
  • You will pay for all the packs selected, including the services used by other subscribers from the Share Plan option.

Available Packages

SMS packs
SMS packsPrice (Inc. VAT)
National packs
National PacksPrice (Inc. VAT)
On-net packs
On-net packsPrice (Inc. VAT)
Data Packages
Data PackagesPrice (Inc. VAT)
Monthly 1GB234
Monthly 2GB434
Monthly 3GB634
Monthly 5GB934
Monthly 10GB1,434
Monthly 50GB2,934
USA - CANADA & Others2865598201,8692,6093,820
UNITED KINGDOM3436719842,2433,1304,583
REUNION ISLAND3817451,0932,4923,4785,092
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES4679241,3713,1654,4716,632
Predefined packs
PackagesEmtel to Emtel CallsNational CallsSMS CountsMobile InternetPackages fee (Rs) VAT Inc.

Special Terms and Conditions

Below are the Special Terms and Conditions applicable to this Package. These Terms and Conditions shall be read together with the General Terms and Conditions of the Services.

* This package (hereinafter the “Package”) will, subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions, allow the subscriber to have a combination of any of the following 5 services:

- Service 1 – Emtel to Emtel Voice packs (Emtel mobile to Emtel mobile only)
- Service 2 – National Voice packs (Emtel mobile to all local networks (mobile and fixed))
- Service 3 – National SMS packs (Emtel mobile to all local networks)
- Service 4 – Data packs.
- Service 5 – International Voice packs (Emtel mobile to chosen destinations)

* For a subscriber who does not wish to build his Package, he may opt for a Predefined Pack where 6 plans will be made available to him to choose from (Please go to "Available Packages" to choose a predefined pack).
* This Package including the Predefined Pack is only open to postpaid or hybrid subscribers. They are not applicable for prepaid subscribers.
* All the packs proposed in this Package can be used as top-ups as well. A subscriber can do a top up at any point during the billing cycle, which would be valid till the end of the billing cycle.
* For a subscriber whose Package amounts to a minimum monthly tariff of Rs 500 (Exclusive of VAT) or Rs 575 (Inclusive of VAT), that subscriber shall have no monthly access fee to pay. For subscribers whose Package amounts to less than Rs 500 (Exclusive of VAT) or Rs 575 (Inclusive of VAT) as monthly tariff, that subscriber shall be required to pay Rs 140 (Exclusive of VAT) or Rs 161 (Inclusive of VAT) as monthly access fee. In the case of Predefined Packs, no monthly access fee is payable.
* The airtime (e.g. Voice, SMS, ILD, Data) as provided under the Package including the Predefined Pack would be valid till end of the billing cycle.
* The reference to the expression “Others” in Service 3 (the International Voice Packs) means all the countries having country code “1″.

Share Plan Option

The Share Plan Option allows a subscriber (Party A) to share the package he has designed with other subscribers (Party B). Party A is referred to as the Primary Account Holder and he is required to pay a monthly fee of Rs. 90 to use the Share Option. Party A can add as many people as he wishes as Party B.
Party A and Party B can be either a postpaid or hybrid subscriber. For a hybrid subscriber, the Package would be available to him only when he is on the postpaid account. Out of the 5 Services of the Package, Party A may choose which of the Services he would like to share with Party B.
For Predefined Pack, Party A cannot share part of it with Party B. He needs to share it altogether.