E-Wastes Recycling

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Recycling of Mobile Communication Devices, Batteries and Accessories

Emtel is proud to launch a national customer e-wastes take-back program, which aims at encouraging Mauritians to become more responsible towards electronic wastes. Mobile phone users now have the possibility to recycle mobile phones, tablets, chargers, accessories and household batteries which pollute the air and contaminate the soil and drinking water when released in landfills. Such electronic items have a direct impact on our fragile ecosystem and the food we consume.

These wastes contain precious metals and plastics that can be recycled to save energy and resources that would otherwise require emtel-bin mining or manufacturing. We invite the population at large to participate in this program and contribute towards reducing E-Wastes by using our E-Waste bins deployed in all our Emtel Stores including Rodrigues.

Our objective is to put in place a collection and treatment system adapted to each type of waste (Mobile Communication and Computing Devices & Batteries) taking into account applicable laws, regulations and local conditions, to ensure waste traceability up to its final treatment, and to promote the processing of electronics equipment at the end of its life.