Chromecast device

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service?
With this service you will get a Google Chromecast Device which will enable you to convert your Normal TV into a Smart TV
The TV you have should have an HDMI port.
What is the Chromecast device?
Chromecast is a Google product which enables you to get access to features like YouTube, Netflix, FB Videos and online gaming etc.
This device connects to your Airbox WIFI network.
You have to plug in this device in the HDMI port of your current TV.
How can I buy this device?
Please visit our showroom and our agent will be delighted to serve you.
What are the documents I need to submit at the time of purchase?
My National ID card or Passport
Who will install Chromecast at my place?
It is a plug and play system provided you are equipped with a Smartphone and your TV has an HDMI port
What is the Charge of this device?
The device is at an upfront fees of Rs 1599 (VAT Inc)

Additionally for Postpaid:
You can also benefit from Payment facility as below:
Upfront Payment: Rs 499 
Monthly Fee: Rs 100 for 12 months (this shall be charged in your bill)
What all content can I see with this device?
With this device, you can watch videos on YouTube, Facebook. Apart from if you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch all the content on your TV Screen.
Is there any limitation to TV Screen size?
No, all TV screen sizes are compatible.
What is the after sales policy?
We shall follow the normal policy for after sales that is currently in place for Devices and Accessories. Standard 6 months warranty shall apply
What component to attach if customer opts for Rs 499 upfront and 100 Rs rental for 12 months?
The below component shall be applicable for 100 Rs monthly charge.
Can mobile customers take this offer?
The device is available for outright purchase like a normal mobile handset or accessory. Same process can be used.
a. Prepaid users can also buy with Rs 1599 fee.
Can Airbox prepaid buy this?
Yes. Airbox prepaid customers can buy at Rs 1599 only.
Monthly Rs 100 offer is not applicable for prepaid customers.
Is this an introductory offer?
We are doing this as a Pilot offer.
Should there be any change to this process, a communique shall be sent out for the same.
Do I need a separate remote control for volume and other things?
If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, Chromecast can automatically turn on the television and switch to the appropriate input when you start casting a video.
To note that most apps have in-built volume controls and the volume will be set higher than the volume you’ve set on the television itself.
Can I mirror my device’s display on the big screen?
If you have supported phones and tablets running Android 4.4.2 or higher, it will work. However, there is no mirror from iOS devices.