Life at Emtel

Life at Emtel

At Emtel, people remain the key differentiator.

Our success, growth and market leadership is largely dependable on the energy and efforts of all our employees serving our customers all over the island. That’s why we strive to give the best to our employees.

Below are examples of what we do to show we are a people-oriented organization.

1. Employee engagement

At Emtel, it is the employee engagement culture that makes us stand apart from all other companies.

With this in mind, we have taken different initiatives to enhance the level of engagement among our employees towards their jobs and the organization.

Find below some pictures related to the most common engagement activities at Emtel:

At Emtel, we organize “Breakfast with CEO” for our people. These are small-group discussions which happen monthly between the CEO and our employees. This has created trust in our people.
Researchers have noted that “for every 1 percent gain in time [that a CEO spent] with at least one insider, productivity advanced 1.23 percent.”

To promote cooperation and collaboration among employees through ‘Team Mastery’ (team building) programs organized by our in-house trainer. These workshops have a mix of employees from various departments, experience levels and knowledge base. The attempt is to make the employee feel unified with other members to accomplish the overall Departmental and Company objectives.

Feedback from employees after the program.

"Very fruitful & nice experience. Good team spirit and team work."
"Fantastic experience. The various activities themselves enabled us to learn the true meaning of working in a team."
"This outing has made us learn that without a team nothing can be achieved. It has been very fruitful experience, and has ensured us about self development, positive communication and ability to work closely as a team to problem solving."
"This Team Building Activity has been an enriching experience, interacting between departments through fun activities will only enhance the team spirit among each and every one thus creating a friendly environment to work towards achieving  a common and desired goal."
2. Personal development

Emtel offers different employee development programs to enhance the skill levels of our people.

How do we do that?

  • On-boarding

    Emtel strive to leave a mark on the minds of the new recruits about Emtel’s desire to enhance their skills by providing a high level on-boarding event experience (induction program, exposure to organisations’ policies and culture).

  • Learning & Development

    Emtel promotes a culture of continued learning. We strive to provide you with the necessary resources and training to maximize your own potential and contribution to the business.

  • Performance Management

    Emtel offers a well-defined performance management process which helps to identify areas for personal development.

  • Internal Mobility

    We consider each vacancy a development opportunity for Emtel employees and our maximum focus is on internal hiring. The open positions are transparently shared with all employees & they have the opportunity to apply as pre criteria. This helps us to ensure continuity, motivation, retention, and facilitates a clear path for career progression and personal development.

3. Community
At Emtel we believe that Corporate Responsibility is inherent in the way we do business and can provide us with new opportunities to create high ethical standards as well as a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do.

Our principles commit us to provide fairly priced and dependable products and services for our customers. They also actively encourage us to build strong and sustainable relationships with the community in which we operate. We aim to be involved in our local society and to contribute to its development and sustainability, to act responsibly and sensitively in all our dealings both locally and internationally.

Our actions are tailored to the needs of our customers and to the concerns of our stakeholders, and we try to make sure the projects we support are really useful, both to the community and to Emtel.


A fruit day
Lizie dan la main

Other associations helped by Emtel
  • APEBS (Association des Parents d’Elèves aux Besoins Spéciaux) – speech therapist for the disabled children with difficulties in language development
  • Anou Grandi – upgrading of the school and classrooms environment
  • Blood Donors Association – voluntary donation of blood by Emtel staff and the general public through a Mega Blood Donation day
  • SACIM – Aid to children inoperable in Mauritius
  • Society for the Welfare of the Deaf – for repairs of digital hearing aids and ear moulds making
  • La Case A – Support to parents whose spouse/partner/child are drug users
  • Ti Diams – Medical material for persons suffering from Diabetes Type1

4. Benefits
Today's workforce seeks resilience and well-being in the workplace. We offer a variety of programs and options for our people to take a break and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These initiatives minimize employee stress and help them accomplish life's challenges while working.

    • Sports activities
      We have a tie-up with the local university to pursue various sports activities/fitness fully sponsored by Company.
      We believe that to have a high work performance, our employees should have a perfect work life balance. With that in mind, we keep encouraging our employees by integrating sports activities and fitness in their daily work life business routines. Every year, we tie-up with the local university to pursue various sports activities/fitness fully sponsored by Company. We also organize five to six sports championships workshops on Nutrition and also health check-ups every year.

    • Emtel’s discount & offers
      At Emtel, we also save staff money. We offer discounts to our people on personal purchases of our different products.

    • Medical
      Emtel offers a medical coverage to all its employees upon joining. Several medical plan options are also available to suit the needs of our people and their families.

    • Insurance
      Emtel offers life insurance coverage to all its employees upon joining. In addition, employees working in high risk jobs are covered under a Personal accident coverage upon joining.

    • Pension
      Emtel provides a non-contributory Pension scheme to all employees as per Company Policy.

    • Parenthood
      Of all the blessings God sends from the above, the one most precious is a new baby to love!
      • Mothers are offered twelve weeks of fully-paid maternity leaves and payment as prescribed in Employment Rights Act.
      • Fathers are offered five days of fully-paid paternity leaves.

    • Education Support Scheme and professionals development
      Emtel supports employee efforts to acquire skills and learning required to succeed in existing or future positions. Annual budget is ear marked for this.
      We offer our help to:
      1. Any additional professional qualification for own development and adding value to organization’s success.
      2. Engineers and qualified accountants are supported for registration process fee and mandated annual membership fees by the law.

    • Holidays
      In addition to the public holidays recognized consistently every year, Emtel provides you with the following to give you time to spend outside of the office.
      • Wedding leaves
      • Sick leaves
      • Local leaves
      • Compassionate leaves
      • Paid Time Off in lieu of overtime payment

  • Rewards and recognition
    At Emtel, we have realized that rewards and recognition are powerful tools for employee motivation and performance improvement. To that effect, we have designed a Rewards and Recognition program in order to increase our employee retention. This program rewards individuals and teams who have made unique and outstanding contributions that are above and beyond the normal expectations of their position and that support the strategic objectives of Emtel.

    The nominations are expected from respective managers and are ratified by Rewards and Recognition Committee and CEO.
    The quarterly awards are as follows:
    1. Quarterly “Ace” awards consist of :
      • ACE Emtel Employee – for living Emtel values, innovation and speed & efficiency.
      • ACE Emtel Sales Professional – for outstanding achievements in reaching exceptional sales goals.
      • Emtel “CEO” award – for exceptional results/contributions to business success.
      • Long Service Awards are for completion of 5, 10,15,20,25 years of service at Emtel.
      • Best Suggestion Awards – for new ideas to save costs, to make things better for business and customers.
    2. Long Service Awards are for completion of 5, 10,15,20,25 years of service at EMTEL.

    The process is to seek nominations from managers; review nominations within an R&R committee & seek final approval from CEO.